At the beginning

“2001 A Space Odyssey” which was the name of motion picture was produced at 1968.
Monolith, the mysterious object was found on the Moon which was going to give a tremendous influence to the human society because the Sun was abnormal action at that time.
The crisis of extermination of our human beings was close at hand.
Monolith comes from the word of Monism which is showing the element of the static universe although the motion universe is based on the dualism.
It can be said that,
The Motion universe is based on the world of uncertainty but the static universe is based on the world of certainty.
There are matter and anti-matter in the world of dualism and there is only one monolith in the world of monism.
Monolith is not found out yet.
Let’s start our space journey looking for Monolith.

January 24 2012 Satoshi Nitta

Poem 1 “I” have no name
Poem 2 “I” & "Being"
Poem 3 Monolith
Poem 4 Station named that world
Poem 5 Monolith to Tetolith
Poem 6 Real "Being" & False "I"
Poem 7 Eternal "Being"
Poem 8 Eternal journey
Poem 9 A space of balloon
Poem 10 Journey in dream
Poem 11 World of movie & World of witness
Poem 12 "I" and "You" & "My being" and "Your being"
Poem 13 The higher ・・・the deeper
Poem 14 "I" and "Being" are life and death
Poem 15 2012
Poem 16 2012 A Space Odyssey
Poem 17 Station
Poem 18 Horizontal journey
Poem 19 Vertical journey
Poem 20 Cross
Poem 21 Being to be
Poem 22 Leaving for journey is always "being"
Poem 23 False journey shall be over
Poem 24 Great journey again
Poem 25 Free-less journey
Poem 26 Exciting journey
Poem 27 Freeness/Journey/Alife
Poem 28 To live a life is danger
Poem 29 Heaven or Hell(?)
Poem 30 What on earth is space?
Poem 31 Now is the time for leaving
Poem 32 Leaving for journey is encountering
Poem 33 Journey’s first and last
Poem 34 2012 = 666
Poem 35 2012 is the turning point
Poem 36 Three kinds of wave
Poem 37 Word is sound
Poem 38 Human to Uman (Woman)
Poem 39 Demon or Satan
Poem 40 The time of last war is coming
Poem 41 History cannot each anything
Poem 42 Journey for internal space
Poem 43 World of vision
Poem 44 Reality
Poem 45 Substance
Poem 46 2012 A Space Odyssey

At the end

The concept of god was born just 12,000 years ago while the earth was born 4.6 billion years ago and the life organ 0.8 billion years ago and mankind 500,000 years ago.
Man who worships god is going to mad if the word of “神” was just born among Japanese while 2,500 kinds of races and 5,000 languages were born since then.
Man who worships god is going to mad if the word of “God” was just born among white race while 2,500 kinds of races and 5,000 languages were born since then.
There is huge crater in the moon.
It shows the afterimage from the African Continent just before the Arabian Peninsula was departed.
It was something like the Lake Biwa is afterimage of the Island of Awaji.
The Bible’s people said the Tower of Babel.
And now,
It is the time to come back to the Tower of Babel.
We have to go into the huge crater of the moon if it is so.
Once upon a time,
There was a man who went to the huge crater of the moon.
And then,
They found out the Monopole which had never been found out only in the absolute space.
This is entirely the proof that,
The huge crater of the moon is nothing but the black hole, the exit to the absolute space.
Monopole is nothing but the Monolith.

March 11 2012 Satoshi Nitta