Part I (A Japanese goblin)

Part II (From Goblin to Angel)

Part III (Alley of History)

Chapter 1 Illusionary reality Chapter 1 Illusionary illusion Chapter 1 Real Reality
Chapter 2 Renaissance now Chapter 2 Truth World Chapter 2 True Reality
Chapter 3 Milan connection Chapter 3 So-called world of reality Chapter 3 Underground world
Chapter 4 Beast number 666 Chapter 4 Modern Merchant of Venice Chapter 4 Official stage
Chapter 5 Number of universe Chapter 5 Hidden City State Chapter 5 Italy and Japan
Chapter 6 Different dimensional world Chapter 6 Birth of Europe Chapter 6 Nation State without history
Chapter 7 The world of sunrise & the world of sunset Chapter 7 The world of shadow economy Chapter 7 Mystery of Christianity
Chapter 8 Amazing fact Chapter 8 Face of shadow & Shadow of shadow & Face of shadow Chapter 8 Tokyo University is a monster school
Chapter 9 Substantial world going beyond time & space Chapter 9 Sea of Galilee now Chapter 9 Upside-down Japan = Italy
Chapter 10 Upside-down human Chapter 10 From Asu to Ereb Chapter 10 Ancient Times →Middle Age →Modern Times →Newly-born Times