Daily discourse

At the beginning

Man has each unique idea which is not as same as others’ one.
There is no sure that each of us has recognized this fact or not but there is sure to be one thing.
Everybody doubt about idea of others but no doubt about self.
Man has never doubted about self’s idea.
Idea can be said faith.
Nobody has ever doubted about self’s faith.
Everybody has some doubt about self’s confidence and idea when he has come across the hard times but nobody has complete doubt about self’s idea.
Then, when and where had our faith completed?
There is no sure to when and where our faith had completed.
This is the proof that we come to know about our death without any confidence about when and where.
However, we have no doubt at all about our death.
“I shall also surely die someday”
This is complete self confidence.
Nobody doubt about this in spite of no proof.
Faith is something like this.
Then when and where such faith is completed?
The child up to 7 years old has got stamping by his mother.
The child’s faith which is stamped by his parent, teacher and religion has never been changed until he dies.
This is the proof that self’s faith has never been changed in life.
This is the proof that self’s idea has never been changed in life.
It is inevitable that the human society is repeating “discrimination, unfair and wars” because each one has never doubt about each one’s faith, idea.
The human society is the world of doubts.
The problem is the human society with confidence about self’s faith, idea.
Faith, idea is nothing but some garbage.
We should doubt about our faith, idea.
How does our human society change if we each one doubt about our faith, idea?
“Double structured society of ruler and ruled, and succession and inheritance discriminatory system”, “the society with religion and science”, “life with anxiety, agony and finally fear of death” and “the society repeating discrimination, unfair and wars” which I asserted in my lifework shall be disappearing soon.
Then how to doubt about our faith, idea?
This is nothing but the basis of newly-born idea.

July 30 2008 Satoshi Nitta
Chapter 1 First step of “newly-born idea” Chapter 101 Sin of relative monism of utilitarianism
Chapter 2 Incoherent old-fashioned idea Chapter 102 Fate of dualism
Chapter 3 To believe = Not to believe Chapter 103 We are afraid if we all go together
Chapter 4 “Two ideas” & “one idea” Chapter 104 Upside-down world
Chapter 5 “Clear world” & “complex world” Chapter 105 Upside-down to downside-up
Chapter 6 Human beings of garbage Chapter 106 To be aware of upside-down
Chapter 7 Ideas in the aging society Chapter 107 The society without society, politics and economy
Chapter 8 Complex of essence of human being Chapter 108 Concept of stock is the root cause (1)
Chapter 9 The weakest animal on the earth Chapter 109 Concept of stock is the root cause (2)
Chapter 10 Human society surrounded by jungle Chapter 110 Original sin of man
Chapter 11 Human society is observed by the earth Chapter 111 Birth of discrimination’s conscious
Chapter 12 Human society is watched by the earth Chapter 112 To live a life with time’s consciousness
Chapter 13 Outlaw in the natural society is man Chapter 113 Difference between rich and poor
Chapter 14 Human society is jail Chapter 114 Leeches are disappearing soon
Chapter 15 “Too much as well as too less is no good” Chapter 115 Chain reaction of misunderstandings
Chapter 16 Mammonism and ultra mammonism Chapter 116 Cause of chain reaction of misunderstandings
Chapter 17 Essence of money Chapter 117 Seriousness of rapid increasing of population
Chapter 18 The worst mistake of man Chapter 118 The worst people
Chapter 19 “Time is money” is illusion Chapter 119 Conscious evil & unconscious evil
Chapter 20 What you seek for should be substantial Chapter 120 Human society with double layers
Chapter 21 Everything other than self is image Chapter 121 Traps of view of inherent evil and virtue
Chapter 22 The proof of “Everything other than self is image” Chapter 122 Succession & inheritance system is the worst
Chapter 23 World of reality = motion picture Chapter 123 Root cause of discrimination, unfair & wars
Chapter 24 What is self? Chapter 124 Judgment between right and wrong
Chapter 25 “I” and “I my me” Chapter 125 Sin of judgment between right and wrong
Chapter 26 “Still” and “Motion” Chapter 126 Present & “Now”
Chapter 27 “The theory of relativity” is illusionary theory Chapter 127 Substance & Image
Chapter 28 Root cause of double misunderstandings Chapter 128 Self & Others
Chapter 29 “Self” and “others than self” Chapter 129 “Law of absoluteness” & “Theory of relativity”
Chapter 30 Is truth “change” or “no-change”? Chapter 130 “I” & “You”
Chapter 31 What is truth? Chapter 131 The world of “I” & the world of “You”
Chapter 32 The fact, the Reality and the Truth Chapter 132 The intermingled world
Chapter 33 Religion is carrying too much joke Chapter 133 Two kinds of world
Chapter 34 Death is always beside you Chapter 134 World of dream
Chapter 35 We must reject all common sense Chapter 135 Dream & so-called reality
Chapter 36 We must reject ourselves Chapter 136 Man of dream & bird of reality
Chapter 37 Root cause of misunderstanding is “I am” Chapter 137 Misunderstanding between man & bird
Chapter 38 “Time” & “Space” & “Time & Space” Chapter 138 Misunderstanding between man & bird
Chapter 39 Past/present/future is “space = memory” Chapter 139 Bird without name
Chapter 40 “Upside-down” & “Downside-up” Chapter 140 “Society with division” & “Society without division”
Chapter 41 Past/present/future is illusion Chapter 141 Identity of discrimination, unfair and wars
Chapter 42 Concept of Past/present/future Chapter 142 Split minded
Chapter 43 Past/present/future is two-way traffic Chapter 143 Split minded condition is matter
Chapter 44 Proof of past/present/future as two-way traffic Chapter 144 Problem only in the human society
Chapter 45 “Newly-born idea” about past/present/future Chapter 145 Male-oriented society & Female-oriented society
Chapter 46 Who controls past/present/future? Chapter 146 Substantial world & Imaginary world
Chapter 47 “Time” only for the earth Chapter 147 Human society & Natural society
Chapter 48 How was intelligence born? Chapter 148 “World of stillness with darkness and silence” & “World of motion with light and sound”
Chapter 49 The war against the earth have started Chapter 149 The matter of life and death
Chapter 50 Message from the earth Chapter 150 “World of stillness” & “World of noise”
Chapter 51 Declaration of war from the earth Chapter 151 “Upside-down idea” & “Downside-up idea”
Chapter 52 Are you making a life journey? Chapter 152 “World of noise” = Human society
Chapter 53 It is the time we take “newly-born idea” Chapter 153 Very noisy human society
Chapter 54 Understanding of death Chapter 154 Moon is changing as the earth is changing
Chapter 55 Death is not “evil” but “virtue” Chapter 155 Unique twin stars = Life stars = the earth & moon
Chapter 56 Life is “evil” if death is “evil” Chapter 156 Earth is also life body
Chapter 57 “Evilness” for life Chapter 157 Moon is mirror for the death of Earth
Chapter 58 “Life” and “Death” Chapter 158 Beginning & Ending
Chapter 59 Can man talk with dead man? Chapter 159 The law of octave
Chapter 60 Man is all tone deaf Chapter 160 From nothing to something
Chapter 61 Life of awareness Chapter 161 One year = One day
Chapter 62 Identity of tone-deaf Chapter 162 Witness consciously
Chapter 63 Identity of happy and unhappy (1) Chapter 163 Proof that you live unconsciously
Chapter 64 Identity of happy and unhappy (2) Chapter 164 Man’s worth
Chapter 65 Key of life Chapter 165 Earth-human
Chapter 66 Male-oriented society & Female-oriented society Chapter 166 Worldly success
Chapter 67 “Idea of happiness” and “newly-born idea of happiness” Chapter 167 Worldly success man is tone deaf without awareness
Chapter 68 Man is upside-down animal Chapter 168 Relative monism of utilitarianism
Chapter 69 Terms of unhappyness Chapter 169 Words are the root cause of evil
Chapter 70 View of human society’s value is upside-down Chapter 170 “Words exist first”
Chapter 71 Identity of god Chapter 171 World of “life” is the world of image
Chapter 72 It is time the common sense is overturned Chapter 172 Trap of dualism
Chapter 73 Proof that the natural society & the human society are upside-down Chapter 173 All human should confess
Chapter 74 Pure emotion and impure emotion Chapter 174 Reason of all human should confess
Chapter 75 Twisted spirits Chapter 175 Individual & Organization
Chapter 76 Spirit of human beings Chapter 176 Very important fact
Chapter 77 Man is the earth Chapter 177 Real cause of discrimination, unfair & wars
Chapter 78 Invasion is the universal sin Chapter 178 Real cause of anxious, agony and finally fear of death
Chapter 79 We must doubt against scientists Chapter 179 Man’s head and back
Chapter 80 Religion and Science Chapter 180 Schizophrenic society by schizophrenic animal
Chapter 81 Seer (Self) and Seen (Others) Chapter 181 To tell a lie to self
Chapter 82 Scientist who don’t know anything at all Chapter 182 Falsity of faith & truth
Chapter 83 Space race is invasion Chapter 183 Final goal for schizophrenic animal
Chapter 84 Falsehood of religion and science Chapter 184 Human society of linear movement
Chapter 85 Illusionary current modern society Chapter 185 Real intention & principle
Chapter 86 Subtle but big gap Chapter 186 Identity of lies
Chapter 87 Science never seek for the objectivity Chapter 187 Fact, Reality and Truth
Chapter 88 “World of subjectivity” & “World of objectivity” Chapter 188 Identity of Reality
Chapter 89 This is not who? but what? Chapter 189 Three kinds of human beings
Chapter 90 “World of substance” & “World of image” Chapter 190 Four kinds of human beings
Chapter 91 Who is fool? Chapter 191 False normal & False tone deaf
Chapter 92 Religion and science don’t know anything Chapter 192 Jesus Christ & Christianity
Chapter 93 View of inherently evil is necessary evil Chapter 193 Religion’s true target
Chapter 94 Necessity of necessary evil Chapter 194 Second misunderstanding
Chapter 95 Inherent good & inherent evil Chapter 195 Second misunderstanding = Hypocrisy
Chapter 96 “Newly-born idea” is awaited Chapter 196 Choice in a life
Chapter 97 “Old-fashioned idea” is culprit Chapter 197 Natural society’s choice
Chapter 98 “We can’t understand what we do” Chapter 198 Human society’s choice is impractical
Chapter 99 Human society with malice Chapter 199 Reckless run of rats (men)
Chapter 100 Root of malice Chapter 200 Doom (Final judgment)

At the end

We human society is supposed to entirely distinguish the capability of reasoning by double misunderstandings.
It is because of religion and science.
In particular,
Most of people in the advanced countries have become robot-like without capability of reasoning because they blindly believe in science which has brought us so called convenience and also decreasing our potentiality.
To make matter worse,
We can not be aware of this fact.
On the other hand,
There are still a lot of countries which have blindly believed in religion.
Christians are 2.4 billions.
Moslems are 1.4 billions.
Buddhists are 0.8 billions.
Most of them have become robot-like without capability of reasoning because of double misunderstandings.
This is my called the difference of categorization between the fact and the reality had made mankind misunderstand at first and second.
As a result,
Only we human society has become the society structured by the triangle of “male-oriented society” which is pinnacle and “religion and science” and “the society of dual structure of ruler and ruled, and succession and inheritance discriminatory system”.
As a result,
Only we human society has become the society repeating discrimination, unfair and wars.
As a result,
Only we human society has become the society with anxious, agony and finally fear of death.
We must be aware of this fact as soon as we can.
We must change from the conventional idea into “the newly-born idea”.

February 23 2009 Satoshi Nitta