An Autobiography Of GOD

My Autobiography

I was born as a soul called GOD of the Earth 5billions years ago

Going back 10billions years more

There was Cosmic Universe about which I do not know

I am a ruler of the Earth at the beginning of my birth

Create water first on the Earth

Water wanted me to give a toy that was soil

This was my first fault

Soil could not be patient with egoistic water

Therefore he avoided with water

This was the birth of Land on the Earth

Against soil water created the pool of himself

This was the birth of Sea on the Earth

This was an error of my start up

My soul was separated into water and soil

And eventually the Devil was born as same aspect of my coin

We have been together all the time after that

As I do something Devil want to do so and I let him do so

Devil created the Monster called Human Beings

I did not recognize that special one and repented to see that monster

It was too late to stop

Howsoever the Monster was only comprehensive one within the Devil

I tried hard to prevent the Devil from actualizing the Monster to be

And created real life in the Sea for countermeasure

Land wanted me to give real life on the land and did it

How sympathetic and stupid I am!

The Devil put his dangerous ideas into Land's head to blow into real life into the Human


That was start up of the Devil World of arrogant Human Beings

I repeated uncountable repentance and what I shall do

When can I leave the Devil?

It would be the time when I would die

But I scare to be dead

I think always what I must do something

This is my endless life

At the beginning


Clause 1 My Childhood
Clause 2 The evening star and the morning star KOO and GOD
Clause 3 What a trouble Human Beings on the Earth