The theory of beyond
The theory of beyond

To know about death must have been blessing.
To commit suicide must have been also blessing to catch by self.
We must go beyond the absolute death as well as the relative death in order to realize the fact as stated at my book “Recommendation of suicide” Chapter 100.
This is nothing but the beyond death.
This is the aiming of the book of “Recommendation of suicide”.
We must also go beyond religion which is the foundation of the law of absolute and science which is the foundation of the theory or relativity in order to realize the fact simultaneously.
This is at the beginning of the theory of beyond.
Let’s have the next book “The theory of beyond” take over after making at the end by Chapter 100 “Beyond death (The theory of beyond)” of my book “Recommendation of suicide”.

July 8 2009 Satoshi Nitta

Chapter 1 Man is also a child of universe Chapter 51 Visible world & Invisible world
Chapter 2 The absolute theory of evolution Chapter 52 Motion space & Static space
Chapter 3 The law of beyond ‘space’ evolution Chapter 53 Motion & Stillness
Chapter 4 Number of key Chapter 54 Light & Darkness
Chapter 5 World for odd and even number Chapter 55 Five sense’s space
Chapter 6 Man’s evolution Chapter 56 Two kinds of space
Chapter 7 Population depends on the number of evolution Chapter 57 So-called reality = Dream
Chapter 8 Man’s 11th generation of evolution Chapter 58 Moment for awareness
Chapter 9 Modern human society with malice Chapter 59 Asleep & Awareness
Chapter 10 Timing of the dawn Chapter 60 Total feeling & Partial view
Chapter 11 Day of the dawn Chapter 61 Perfect & Imperfect
Chapter 12 Reversal timing of the whole history Chapter 62 Imperfect = Upside-down
Chapter 13 Reversal proof for reversal timing of the whole history Chapter 63 Imperfect death
Chapter 14 Circular completion of history Chapter 64 Perfect death
Chapter 15 Meaning of reversal timing (1) Chapter 65 A life for human beings
Chapter 16 Meaning of reversal timing (2) Chapter 66 Lack of memory
Chapter 17 Relative monism of utilitarianism Chapter 67 Judgment of death timing
Chapter 18 Number of (2) is not (2) but (2→0→2) Chapter 68 Memory
Chapter 19 Concept of zero (0) Chapter 69 Imperfect memory
Chapter 20 Society to go beyond Chapter 70 Perfect memory
Chapter 21 Absoluteness/relativity/beyond-ness Chapter 71 Memory power
Chapter 22 Beyond-ness = Eternity Chapter 72 Potential eye power
Chapter 23 Fact/Reality/Truth Chapter 73 Dream
Chapter 24 Changeless/Temporal/Eternity Chapter 74 Life with awareness
Chapter 25 Misunderstanding of fact = reality = truth Chapter 75 From life of pendulum motion to life of circular motion
Chapter 26 Man is split minded animal Chapter 76 Gap between reality and dream
Chapter 27 As same as is as not same as Chapter 77 Identity of death
Chapter 28 Truth all through absoluteness/relativity /beyond-ness Chapter 78 Death for body = Phase transition
Chapter 29 World of beyond-ness Chapter 79 Reality within sleep & Dream within reality
Chapter 30 World of absoluteness (nature) Chapter 80 Dream & Enlightenment
Chapter 31 World of relativity (human beings) Chapter 81 Understanding about death
Chapter 32 Way of thinking in the world of beyond-ness Chapter 82 A life with up-side down
Chapter 33 “As same as” & “as not same as” Chapter 83 Light speed
Chapter 34 Four kinds of reversal timing Chapter 84 Time difference
Chapter 35 Reversal timing is singular point Chapter 85 Time difference & Light speed
Chapter 36 Singular point Chapter 86 Lie
Chapter 37 Entrance for coming back to the world of stillness Chapter 87 Light is the culprit of misunderstanding
Chapter 38 Three kinds of singularities (reversal timings) Chapter 88 Darkness is the culprit of awareness
Chapter 39 Three kinds of singularities (reversal timings) are the cause of misunderstanding Chapter 89 Light & Darkness
Chapter 40 Essential circular motion Chapter 90 “Now & here” & Present/past/future
Chapter 41 How to live? Chapter 91 Two kinds of time
Chapter 42 Circular motion & Pendulum motion Chapter 92 Meaning of knowing about death (1)
Chapter 43 Pendulum motion has made misunderstanding Chapter 93 Meaning of knowing about death (2)
Chapter 44 Lack of beyond death Chapter 94 Breath is mini-death
Chapter 45 Root cause of everything Chapter 95 Compass which is “now & here”
Chapter 46 The Cause Chapter 96 Entrance & exit of death
Chapter 47 Only last one death Chapter 97 Meaning of death
Chapter 48 Entrance & Exit Chapter 98 Gravity (Newton) V.S Light (Einstein)
Chapter 49 Entrance & Exit of life & death Chapter 99 Imaginary space
Chapter 50 The theory of beyond evolution Chapter 100 Substantial space

At the end of “The theory of beyond” Vol. (I)

Space has been explained only by the theory of relativity so far.
Hence, we have believed in only motion space.
Motion should have the beginning and the ending.
Circular motion should have the starting point = the ending point.
The beginning and the ending are the static points.
The starting point = the ending point is the static point.
Motion space should have the static space.
In addition,
Motion line and motion circle are just the associated points.
Motion (line & circle) is just an image and stillness (point) is substance.
In other words,
Beyond death is static point which is substantial.
Absolute death and relative death are motion (line & circle) which is imaginary.
I am going to approach the identity of beyond death by disclosing the identity of absolute death and relative death at “The theory of beyond (II)”.

September 15 2009 Satoshi Nitta