DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.0 Transitional//EN"> There is neither birth nor death for our universe
There is neither birth nor death for our universe
Part I (Big-bang as the birth of universe)

Chapter 1 Matter of time Chapter 26 A life without death
Chapter 2 Our universe was born and live and shall die? Chapter 27 A life with death
Chapter 3 Birth and Death are substantial? Chapter 28 Intelligence & Ignorance
Chapter 4 Where do we come from? Chapter 29 Intelligence= thinking & Ignorance= not thinking
Chapter 5 The earth shall die? Chapter 30 Knowing = reality & Not knowing= unreality
Chapter 6 We need not die? Chapter 31 Illusionary world (Maya)
Chapter 7 Identity of death Chapter 32 So-called reality is not substantial
Chapter 8 Identity of the earth’s death Chapter 33 So-called our universe is not substantial
Chapter 9 True reincarnation Chapter 34 Only past universe can be observed
Chapter 10 There should not be reincarnation for soul Chapter 35 Only self is substantial
Chapter 11 Transmission Chapter 36 Measurement Problem
Chapter 12 Soul is one of body Chapter 37 Measurement Problem for our life
Chapter 13 Moving object = Soul & Body & Static matter = Body Chapter 38 So-called reality = False reality
Chapter 14 There is surely death in the macro universe Chapter 39 Universe of false reality
Chapter 15 Micro universe = Monism substantial world Chapter 40 Astronomy is false
Chapter 16 Birth/Death are two aspects of one coin Chapter 41 Theory of relativity & Quantum theory are false
Chapter 17 Law of circular motion Chapter 42 New theory to be uttered by uncountable words
Chapter 18 Double misunderstandings Chapter 43 Countable words & uncountable words
Chapter 19 Death is only reality Chapter 44 Unexpressive universe
Chapter 20 Life is playback Chapter 45 No-limited universe
Chapter 21 Life of live & Life of playback Chapter 46 No-limited & Limited/Unlimited
Chapter 22 Anthropic Principle Chapter 47 World of trilism = No-limited
Chapter 23 This world is just an imaginary Chapter 48 False unlimited ? or False no-limited?
Chapter 24 Natural science has just the view of fragment but not the total view Chapter 49 No-limited world is only substantial
Chapter 25 Philosophy = All learning & Natural science = part of learning Chapter 50 Substantiality = Oneness

Part II (Imaginary universe)

Chapter 1 No-limited substantial universe & Unlimited imaginary universe Chapter 26 Upside-down society V.S. Right-side-up society
Chapter 2 Ourselves and our universe Chapter 27 Imaginary society V.S. Substantial society
Chapter 3 Self and others (our universe) Chapter 28 Religion & God
Chapter 4 Law of relativity between total and part Chapter 29 Identity of religion
Chapter 5 Law of relativity between substance (total) and image (part) Chapter 30 Identity of science
Chapter 6 Substance & real image & imaginary image Chapter 31 Known & Unknown & Not-known
Chapter 7 Real image & imaginary image Chapter 32 History of concept of time
Chapter 8 Only men live an upside-down life Chapter 33 History of feeing of time
Chapter 9 Substance & real image Chapter 34 When was the hour of ticking away born?
Chapter 10 Substance & imaginary image Chapter 35 Concept of “now & here” shall be born
Chapter 11 Tone deaf without awareness V.S. Misunderstanding Chapter 36 Horizontal time & Vertical time
Chapter 12 (Tone deaf without awareness + misunderstanding) = schizophrenia Chapter 37 Horizontal time (Real time) & Vertical time (Imaginary time)
Chapter 13 Schizophrenia = man of image Chapter 38 Imaginary time substantial world & Real time Imaginary world
Chapter 14 Most schizophrenia = most imaginary man of = scientist Chapter 39 From the upside-down society into the right-side-up society
Chapter 15 Substantiality = stillness & Imaginary = motional Chapter 40 Self-remembrance is the key
Chapter 16 Uniqueness & imaginary are two aspects of one coin Chapter 41 Why is self-remembrance the key?
Chapter 17 Science cannot say about the imaginary world Chapter 42 Self-remembrance is an awakening
Chapter 18 Scientists are nothing but impotent Chapter 43 Man is not awakening
Chapter 19 Riemann Hypothesis is impotent theory Chapter 44 Man is missing
Chapter 20 Riemann Hypothesis is presumption of guilty Chapter 45 Black box for our day life
Chapter 21 Prime number cannot be concluded as unlimited number Chapter 46 Black box for our whole life
Chapter 22 Presumption of guilty to presumption of innocence Chapter 47 Black box for our life is a rehearsal without lines
Chapter 23 Upside-down human society to right side-up human society Chapter 48 Death for a day & Death for a life
Chapter 24 Say good-bye to religion/science Chapter 49 Death for a day = effort & Death for a life = courage
Chapter 25 Society with religion V.S. Society without religion Chapter 50 Effort & Courage makes you awaken

Part III (Substantial universe)

Chapter 1 What is substantiality? (1) Chapter 26 Upside-down animal is human being
Chapter 2 What is substantiality? (2) Chapter 27 Upside-down animal is adult human being
Chapter 3 Where is the substantial universe? Chapter 28 Every problem depends on you
Chapter 4 What is substance that is one of two aspects of one coin? Chapter 29 Every problem depends on human adults
Chapter 5 Imaginary universe is an animation universe Chapter 30 Every problem depends on astronomy
Chapter 6 Substance is each snapshot of life Chapter 31 Identity of problem
Chapter 7 State without time is “now & here” Chapter 32 Time is the root cause of every problem
Chapter 8 State with time is past/present/future Chapter 33 Time is fraud
Chapter 9 Identity of movie theatre Chapter 34 World without time = world of death
Chapter 10 Movie theatre of dream Chapter 35 Imperfect circular motion → Perfect circular motion
Chapter 11 Dream & Movie Chapter 36 Imperfect (=) & Perfect(≡)
Chapter 12 Dream is piles of memory Chapter 37 Same ≡ not same
Chapter 13 Two kinds of dream Chapter 38 Truth and misunderstanding (our common sense)
Chapter 14 Second dream Chapter 39 Truth = substance & misunderstanding (our common sense) = image
Chapter 15 “Now & here” is all Chapter 40 Substance = uniqueness with stillness & image = multiplicity with motion
Chapter 16 Imaginary human = Schizophrenia Chapter 41 Invisible universe & image = visible universe
Chapter 17 Imaginary universe = Schizophrenic universe Chapter 42 Unique is invisible & visible is not unique
Chapter 18 Universe with two aspects of one coin Chapter 43 There is no universe of astronomy
Chapter 19 Imaginary universe with pendulum motion Chapter 44 The proof that there is no universe of astronomy
Chapter 20 Pendulum motion is image of image Chapter 45 Truth = subjective truth
Chapter 21 Circular motion is image Chapter 46 Ego = objective truth = the theory of truth
Chapter 22 Stillness is substantial Chapter 47 Identity of ego
Chapter 23 Subjective universe to objective universe Chapter 48 Identity of our universe
Chapter 24 Tone deaf is the one who has lived a life with unconsciousness Chapter 49 Identity of substantial universe
Chapter 25 Static universe is substantial universe Chapter 50 Identity of our universe

At the end
Big-bang universe can be imaged just like the surface of expanding balloon for 13.7 billion years.
There should be a center of balloon but no center of the surface of balloon.
Such balloon keeps expanding permanently.
Edwin Hubble succeeded to observe that our universe kept expanding, kept moving time by time.
Conventional universe so far could be believed as static universe.
Our universe had not been the static universe but had been the motion universe.
This story has been believed as truth at our modern society.
Just like there should be no healthy without ill,
Just like there should be no rich without poor,
Just like there should be no happy without unhappy,
Just like there should be no god without devil,
Just like there should be no heaven without hell,
Just like there should be no nation state without nation people,
There should be motion universe without static universe.

- 2013 October 25 Satoshi Nitta -