At the beginning

London economist is featuring as “Burden of Japan” in which three factors were pointed out as the reason why Japanese economical power is declining.
Let’s first quote the articles by Mr. Masami Fujita, a former chief editor of Toyo Keizai.
“The Japan Syndrome” is the general title of “Burden of Japan”.
The article said that the most important teaching the New Japan is going to give us as the most serious disadvantageous factor with the aging issue.
This is of course not the matter only for Japan but all other advanced countries have.
Hence, the article said that even other advanced countries shall be experiencing as same problem as Japan.
Most of Japanese could not recognize about the bad economical symptom that their twisted population structure is involving with the matter and there are three reasons.
First of them is the matter that the working population is decreasing.
Second of them is the matter that the number of the current working population is decreasing compared with the retired number of peoples.
Third of them is the matter that not only the aging issue but also decreasing of market demand by decreasing population.
The article also pointed out as the most serious matter is the decreasing of working population (from 15 years old to 64 years old).
This is the matter of decreasing the GDP.
The working population of Japan in 1995 was the largest by 87 millions however it will be as same situation as the after the Second World War by 52 millions in 2050.
In addition to that, the rapid decreasing of working chance for the youngsters just recently is as same serious matter as before mentioned one.
The decreasing of market demand is supposed to be the most serious one from this viewpoint.
The possibility of decreasing the market demand as the population is aging and decreasing.
Then, the big businesses don’t try hard to take a risk for further investment because they are taking their risk for surplus investment if there is growing market which can give the chance for more demand against surplus investment.
However, they must not develop the capability of production but must do shrink it in the society decreasing population.
That is why Japanese enterprise should try to stock their power.
It is also because the trend of domestic market demand which is two third of Japanese GDP is not very clear.
The less the enterprises invest the more jobless peoples increase and the youngster jobless increasing is going to make Japanese anxiety.
The article proposed some countermeasure.
One of them is to more employ women and secondly the retirement ages and thirdly immigrants for more efficient productivity.
Needless to say it is inevitable to abolish any kinds of regulation.
For these reason, it is the most important step for us to go forward to participate TPP.
It is not because of missing the train but because of inevitable situation for free trade including agriculture business by abolishing tariff.
To make matter better, freelance labor power can give a chance to make population increasing.
It is very doubtful for the current Japanese government to go forward toward TPP against the contrary opinion domestically.
To make matter worse, the dividing project is becoming impotent for the reason of lack of resource.
It is not due to opposition of the bureaucrats but due to their incomprehensive vision.
The Japanese government seems not to be aware that the population issue has given many economical problems.
Japan is the leader for not only the aging society but declining birth rate.
The world is watching Japan how to overcome these issues.

The first remembrance of my head when I have read the article was that “Japan has to make the newly-born society in where the working population is not limited from 15 years old to 64 years old but no limitation.
More than 65 years old Japanese can not be accepted as the working generation.
Hence, they are being called useless generation.
“Is there anything else the older the more valuable?”
This is nothing but an experience.
“Is there anything else which can make more valuable goods with aging peoples?”
More than 65 years old Japanese can be involved as the working population.
This is the theme for this book.

March 8 2011 Satoshi Nitta

Chapter 1 Two decisive factors for future Japan
Chapter 2 Goods made by wisdom (experience)
Chapter 3 The more value the older ages
Chapter 4 To die for life
Chapter 5 Another death
Chapter 6 Birth of death
Chapter 7 Sex has something to do with death
Chapter 8 Originator of death mechanism
Chapter 9 Aging
Chapter 10 Meaning of aging
Chapter 11 Original sin of human beings
Chapter 12 The most important theme in the 21st century
Chapter 13 Apobiosis is the key
Chapter 14 Old person has the key in the 21st century
Chapter 15 Common sense is in-common sense and in-common sense is common sense
Chapter 16 Conventional human society was upside-down
Chapter 17 Self-rejection makes upside-down society change into right-side-up society
Chapter 18 Paradoxical learning to real learning
Chapter 19 Imperfect intelligence to perfect intelligence
Chapter 20 What does self-rejection give birth? (1)
Chapter 21 What does self-rejection give birth? (2)
Chapter 22 Products made by imperfect intelligence demerit
Chapter 23 Relative condition on self-reflection
Chapter 24 Clue for relative condition on self-reflection (1)
Chapter 25 Clue for relative condition on self-reflection (2)
Chapter 26 Reversal economic mechanism
Chapter 27 Closed society to open society
Chapter 28 The key to the open society is “self-rejection”
Chapter 29 Disasters are all man-made disaster
Chapter 30 Economy = to relieve peoples
Chapter 31 War business
Chapter 32 Medical treatment business
Chapter 33 Sacred occupations were the most profitable business until 20th century
Chapter 34 Mammonism is going to disappear
Chapter 35 “Donation” money is dead money
Chapter 36 “Equality” must make economy strong
Chapter 37 From matters to non-matters
Chapter 38 Real meaning of “non-matters” is “gratitude”
Chapter 39 “Gratitude” and “Antagonism”
Chapter 40 To be aging shall not make inferiority complex
Chapter 41 First step from “antagonism” into “gratitude”
Chapter 42 “Antagonism” is the root cause
Chapter 43 “Principle economy” to “Real intentional economy”
Chapter 44 “Principle economy” = False economy & “Real intentional economy” = real economy
Chapter 45 “Principle economy” = False economy = Monkey economy & “Real intentional economy” = real economy = Royal economy
Chapter 46 From the age of luxury to the age of poverty
Chapter 47 Luxury = discrimination & Poverty = equality
Chapter 48 Fundamental to live
Chapter 49 Seasonal ticket life & Ticket book life
Chapter 50 A life to complete life time

At the end

This book named “Wisdom society” was born of antithesis against “Knowledgeable society”.
This book subtitled “The aging society” was boron of antithesis against “The youngster society”.
“Wisdom society (The aging society)” is nothing but “Old guys’ society”.
“Aging society and declining birth rate society” is expanding in the advanced countries.
On the other hand,
“Young and increasing birth rate society” is expanding in the developed countries.
This is entirely the proof that,
“The Jasmine Revolution” happening in the Middle-East countries was due to “Young and increasing birth rate society” in the developed countries.
This is entirely the fact that,
The polarization of our human society into “Aging society and declining birth rate society” and “Young and increasing birth rate society” is intensifying.
What does the fact show?
It shows that the human society which has been continuing the dual structured society of ruler and ruled, and succession and inheritance discriminatory system for the past more than 5000 years has come down at the turning point.
Which was do we choose to fundamental live or to live more convenient life or to live more inconvenient life?
This is entirely the turning point which way we have to choose.
To fundamental live is nothing but to live at “now & here”.
On the other hand,
To live more convenient life,
To live more inconvenient life,
is nothing but to live in thinking of past/present/future.
This is entirely the proof that,
Wisdom out of “Wisdom society (The aging society)” is nothing but wisdom to live at “now & here”.

April 26 2011 Satoshi Nitta