Daily discourse

At the beginning

Current modern society which has been following from Westernized modern society created the science-oriented world which has also brought the problem of global environment such as global warming.
Current modern society was born by antithesis against religion which had great power in the ancient times and Middle Age and opinion leader was science.
Renaissance, the Reformation and Industrial Revolution can be said as antithesis against religion after all.
We have believed in it.
I went over the misunderstanding of human society in my book “Daily discourse” Vol. (I).
Why do we human beings do such terrible misunderstandings?
The root cause of such terrible misunderstandings is the concept of dimension such as “time”.
Our world (universe = space) is neither line nor plane nor time & space but all solid.
Line, plane and time & space are all just concept (way of thinking) but not substantial.
Therefore, there is no three-dimensional cubic but just solid (space).
The most terrible misunderstanding is the concept of four-dimensional time & space.
Two dimensional (X,Y) coordinate can be drawn.
Three dimensional (X, Y, Z) coordinate can also be drawn.
Four dimensional (X,Y,Z,T) coordinate can not be drawn.
To forge forcibly nothing.
This is nothing but forgery.
What science has done is to corner our human beings into the ultimate misunderstanding under the name of antithesis against religion after all.
The essence of antithesis is to put things into two polarities (antinomy) which is two aspects of one coin, duality.
Simply saying, religion and science are all part of the same gang.
To go over the essence of science, one part of the same gang, is to main theme on “Daily discourse” Vol. (II).
Any question is appreciated although I will write down as ease as possible because there is no time to solve urgent issue of global warming.

June 15 2007 Satoshi Nitta
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Dialogue 149 Sewer rats = Human beings Dialogue 199 “The world of feeling” & “the world of thinking (concept)” & “the world of understanding”
Dialogue 150 The Earth train which has no time to lose Dialogue 200 Perfect known

At the end

21st century is an opening night of the drama “The end of civilized society” for the past over ten thousands years.
The hero of human civilized society has been “religion and science” after all.
It is because “religion and science” is only for human society.
“Religion and science” and “the society of dual structure of ruler and ruled, and succession and inheritance discriminatory system” are complementary.
It is because “the society of dual structure of ruler and ruled, and succession and inheritance discriminatory system” is only for human society.
The question of which came first, the chicken of the egg to answer is surely from the cause of birth of “male-oriented society”.
It is because “male-oriented society” is only for human society.
It is the structure of human civilized society with triangle of “male-oriented society” which is pinnacle and “religion and science” and “the society of dual structure of ruler and ruled, and succession and inheritance discriminatory system” which are basement.
There is no such a triangle in the world of nature (the earth).
Mankind were expelled from the Garden of Eden and moved to the town called the East of Eden.
“Newly-born society” called the East of Eden created the triangle which was “newly-born way of thinking”.
Human civilized society is now metal fatigued for the past over ten thousands years and “newly-born society” of “newly-born way of thinking” is now “old-fashioned society” of “old-fashioned way of thinking”.
It is because rapid increase of population of mankind has happened.
Rapid increase of each species shows the turning point of ages.
This is so called the change of paradigm and “newly-born society” of “newly-born way of thinking” is going to appear after that.
The triangle of “male-oriented society” which is pinnacle and “religion and science” and “the society of dual structure of ruler and ruled, and succession and inheritance discriminatory system” which are basement is now “old-fashioned society” of “old-fashioned way of thinking”.
To focus on this was my aiming by “Daily Discourse” Vol. (II) particularly about “religion and science”.
Was it easy to understand?
I tried to explain “Daily Discourse” Vol. (I) as easy as possible.
However “Daily Discourse” Vol. (II) might have been slightly arduous to much regret.

September 20 2007 Satoshi Nitta