At the beginning

We have to be responsible for our life.
We have the discretion for our life.
We were not born at our own discretion but were born at our parent or our mother in particular discretion.
Will not we be able to have own discretion of our death?
In another expression,
Will not we be able to have own discretion of our birth (the starting point) and death (the ending point)?
This is supposed to be our main theme for our life.
My sentence style had been changed since [The Absolute Cosmos (The law of absolute)] into simplicity so that readers can understand very well.
A very few readers can understand my book still now.
I would like to make my sentence style more simple and clear at this book.

April 27 2011 Satoshi Nitta

Chapter 1 Sense of value for God Chapter 51 Main stage & rehearsal about life & death Chapter 101 Drama’s curtain is opened at last!
Chapter 2 Imperfect human life Chapter 52 Absolute heaven & hell Chapter 102 Reckless run of sewer rats (men)
Chapter 3 Only God can rebirth? Chapter 53 How important the understanding about death Chapter 103 What did the disaster mean?
Chapter 4 Falsity of human society Chapter 54 Meaning of understanding about death Chapter 104 Japan shall disappear (1)
Chapter 5 God was in Japan once upon a time Chapter 55 Death is a play Chapter 105 Japan shall disappear (2)
Chapter 6 God & Man Chapter 56 You can win a hundred battles if you know your death Chapter 106 Japan shall disappear (3)
Chapter 7 Not only man but also God should die Chapter 57 Life & death are with total feeling Chapter 107 Japan shall disappear (4)
Chapter 8 Human society where all humans have different death Chapter 58 Main theme for human beings Chapter 108 Japan shall disappear (5)
Chapter 9 Human society where all humans have different life Chapter 59 Present theme for men (1) Chapter 109 Death of the earth? Or Death of men?
Chapter 10 Real meaning of incarnation Chapter 60 Present theme for men (2) Chapter 110 Euthanasia must be legalized
Chapter 11 Man should have lied to become god Chapter 61 Continuance can become heaven or hell Chapter 111 Understanding about death
Chapter 12 Theory of incarnation is lie Chapter 62 Continuing is the power Chapter 112 “Death” as the word
Chapter 13 The matter of solution Chapter 63 Real equality Chapter 113 “Death” and “like death”
Chapter 14 Switch from death to birth Chapter 64 Courage = Continuing Chapter 114 “False reality” and “Real reality”
Chapter 15 Revolutionary discovery (1) Chapter 65 Crisis for men Chapter 115 Real globalization
Chapter 16 Revolutionary discovery (2) Chapter 66 Courageous society Chapter 116 Real globalization is to unify one language
Chapter 17 The most important theme for life Chapter 67 Courageous society = Society without nursing care Chapter 117 “Death” = “Fourth (D)”
Chapter 18 Meaning of aging Chapter 68 Real meaning of affordable life Chapter 118 Only one language in the world
Chapter 19 Meaning of youngster Chapter 69 A life without TV Chapter 119 To know about death time = Perfect intelligence
Chapter 20 All for death Chapter 70 A life is determined in every morning Chapter 120 It is the first to understand about death
Chapter 21 Life for death Chapter 71 To live with total earth feeling Chapter 121 We human beings are out of question
Chapter 22 Real meaning of dual imaginary world Chapter 72 Everyday is rehearsal of death Chapter 122 Who are hell we? (1)
Chapter 23 Oblivion & Retrospect Chapter 73 Death is a reward Chapter 123 Who are hell we? (2)
Chapter 24 Gap between oblivion & retrospect Chapter 74 Reversal idea Chapter 124 Death is not an image
Chapter 25 Meaning of life Chapter 75 There is only one force in the universe Chapter 125 Ridiculous human being
Chapter 26 From oblivion to retrospect Chapter 76 Everything depends on how to use Chapter 126 Death timing is “now & here”
Chapter 27 Fatalism which means nothing to live Chapter 77 Falsity of science Chapter 127 So-called life = Illusion
Chapter 28 Succession system means nothing to live Chapter 78 Possibility of science Chapter 128 Real life = Life for death
Chapter 29 Two kinds of choice for life Chapter 79 Philosophical science is important Chapter 129 Our life is false!
Chapter 30 Only one choice for life Chapter 80 Man does not know what he is doing Chapter 130 To live well = To die well
Chapter 31 Real deal & Fake Chapter 81 Upside-down & Right-side-up Chapter 131 To die well → To live well
Chapter 32 Real deal has no distinction among old or young or male or female Chapter 82 To accept death is the most important Chapter 132 Death = “Now & here” & Life =Past/future
Chapter 33 Master of death Chapter 83 Fact, reality and truth Chapter 133 Death for ego
Chapter 34 Sudden death Chapter 84 Human being who know about truth Chapter 134 Who are you?
Chapter 35 Sudden = Stillness = Death Chapter 85 How to live is useless & How to die is useful Chapter 135 Death is related to self identity
Chapter 36 Seven kinds of hardness and one kind hardness Chapter 86 What is force? Chapter 136 Life is related to false self
Chapter 37 Identity of hardness Chapter 87 Sudden death Chapter 137 False self is alive
Chapter 38 Pain weight Chapter 88 Power of effort Chapter 138 Life = image & Death = substance
Chapter 39 Ego wants motion as nourishment Chapter 89 Woman-oriented society is coming
Chapter 40 Trap by ego = Association Chapter 90 Real woman-oriented society & False man-oriented society
Chapter 41 Timing of death Chapter 91 Theme for real age
Chapter 42 Sex to sexless Chapter 92 Woman and man
Chapter 43 Sex life time of man Chapter 93 Intelligence to emotion
Chapter 44 Man’s life time is peak now Chapter 94 Intelligence to wisdom
Chapter 45 Woman-oriented society is appearing Chapter 95 Age of wisdom = Age of woman-oriented society
Chapter 46 Sensitive to death Chapter 96 Age of turning point
Chapter 47 Death is just suicide Chapter 97 Death is reward for finishing life
Chapter 48 Suicidal death & murderous death Chapter 98 Everything is alright if the end is alright
Chapter 49 No murderous death from 70 years old Chapter 99 Everything depends on your idea
Chapter 50 Death with conscious & Life with unconscious Chapter 100 Death is not coming in the future but be at “now & here”

At the end

World becomes bright when the switch of light ON.
World becomes dark when the switch of light OFF.
We have been repeating such repetition for 70 years life.
The first switch ON is our birth.
The 25,550th switch OFF is our death.
By how many times of repetition are we aware of this?

September 12 2011 Satoshi Nitta