At the beginning

This is entirely the proof as stated in my book [Quantum’s Trap] that,
Not only electron in the micro world has each mind but also the Earth in the macro world as well as we each human beings have its own mind because that electron as elementary particle of fermion is functioned by “Pauli exclusion principle”.
It was proved definitely in the criminal offence happened in America that we human being cannot recognize ourselves unless we cannot make conscious of dividing ourselves from others.
The news was reported to have said,
A father was confining his two years old daughter in a room for 13 years without making any relationship but only giving a food and she was found out when she was 15 years old.
The police report said that she could not recognize herself at that time.
Since after 5 years not only physical doctors but also psychological doctors treated her but she could have never obtained herself.
She had never become human being since 2 years old.
This is entirely the proof that,
We human beings cannot recognize ourselves which has been mirrored by the mirror of others.
What does the fact mean?
This is the aiming of the book which can ask this kind of question.

September 18 of 2014 Junji Kimura

Chapter 1 Man's mind
Chapter 2 Birth of individuality
Chapter 3 There was the Earth in the beginning
Chapter 4 Law of trilism
Chapter 5 Contradiction of time's concept
Chapter 6 Mind of each star
Chapter 7 Religion & Science have believed in god of light
Chapter 8 Feeling of Earth = Real self
Chapter 9 Dichotomy of light/time
Chapter 10 Before Big-bang?
Chapter 11 There was no Big-bang in the beginning
Chapter 12 World with prediction & World without prediction
Chapter 13 Conscious & Mind
Chapter 14 What is self?
Chapter 15 Hidden Self
Chapter 16 Façade Self must always be negated
Chapter 17 Subconscious self
Chapter 18 An-other self
Chapter 19 Subconscious self is real self
Chapter 20 Gap between subconscious and Earth’s conscious
Chapter 21 Gap among conscious (?)
Chapter 22 Gap = border line = discrimination
Chapter 23 Identity of conscious
Chapter 24 Conscious with conscious & Conscious without conscious
Chapter 25 Real self = Non-conscious
Chapter 26 Unconscious → Non-conscious
Chapter 27 Conscious & Non-conscious
Chapter 28 Earth’s consciouss
Chapter 29 Mind & Conscious (Will)
Chapter 30 Earth’s mind V.S. Earth’s conscious (will)
Chapter 31 Earth has no “Ego”
Chapter 32 Man is mutant with “Ego”
Chapter 33 Raison d'être of “Ego”
Chapter 34 “Ego” is necessary evil
Chapter 35 Mankind who is “Ego” animal is mutant

At the end

It is only the human beings who have the wrong dualistic idea that happy is good and unhappy is not good.
All the creations in the natural society are not sleeping but they are just taking a rest.
Tiredness of body and spirit are not essential but unnecessary virtue.
The common sense until today is actually uncommon sense.
The necessary evil is unnecessary and the unnecessary virtue is necessary.
The reason why we human beings have lived a life in seeking for the enlightenment is due to unnecessary virtue that we must accept ill and unhappy.
We human beings as the lord of all the creations have gone for wool and come home shorn.
All we human beings who have believed ourselves as right-side-up are nothing but upside-down and only Jesus Christ was only right-side-up.
We human society is consisted of the world of dichotomy of necessary evil and unnecessary virtue because we human society is the upside-down society.
Our common sense is upside-down because we human society is the upside-down society.
In conclusion,
Earth’s Mind and our human mind are upside-down.

May 21 2015 Junji Kimura