The concept of richness

To begin with

The 21st century has not ever seen a sign of Japanfs economic recovery.
The United States had no equal in economic power as well as politics in the 20th century.
However, there have been some signs of the U.S. powerful economy declining from the beginning of the 21st century and that affects the world itself, which is coming to be in chaos.
Some say that the current conditions of this panic donft seem so serious, compared with the Depression beginning in 1929.
We surely know that a great number of people lose their jobs and commit suicide in Japan.
Meanwhile, we can see many people buying expensive things going abroad for pleasure; we are also affluent in commodities.
To be honest, I donft think the Japanese people generally deem it to be acute.
On the contrary, we must agree that the environment of the earth has been getting worse year by year.
We also can figure out that the economic system has changed dramatically, which is now artificially controlled by the underground.
I am confident that this is caused by the decision by President Nixon of the United States in 1971which announced to the world that the US dollars could not be exchanged for gold. As a result the gold standard was substantially abolished; the global monetary economy lost the standard of value.
In fact, the current economic situation had started at that time.
In addition, money itself was commercialized in the 80fs due to dramatic developments in computer technology that made it possible to calculate tremendous figures instantly.
The money that had been used in selling and buying goods has become merchandise itself in the nature of gambling.
As gambling is inseparable from tricks, current economy holds trickery.
Ifm sure that we canft see the light at the end of the tunnel unless we recognize the fact of the economy manipulated artificially.
We must change gear back to neutral position and shift into a new paradigm or concept of the economy.
The Japanese Government advocates reforming the structure of the system, however, I donft think it can be effective.
We must build a new system of the international economy with a new concept and then educate people for a long time.
The new concept of the economy needs a new concept of richness and we will have to find out real richness that doesnft mean an abundance of money.
That is why I write this book.

Satoshi Nitta January 15, 2002

Chapter 1@The previous history of Modernism
Chapter 2@The dawn of Modernism
Chapter 3@The summary of 20th century
Chapter 4@Reconstruction of our country
Chapter 5@The U.S. still world leader?
Chapter 6@Find new value

At the end

I gave this book a big title gThe Concept of Richnessh but, in simple words, I believe the beauty of mind is the most important while society only values money.
You should do good deeds to cultivate virtue.
However much you earn money, after you die the Lord of Hades take them away asking you, gWell, what have you done to please others in your life?h
So it is essential for you to endeavor to do so everyday in order to be able to answer to him proudly.
I wanted to say it to you.
Ifve finished this book mostly with listing sentences because Ifve been keeping the thoughts.
Suspending six works Ifm writing now, Ifve finished off this book and now am writing this at 5:00 in the morning.
I thought it is my urgent duty to convey his spirit, turning toward Yoshida Shoin who had lived his life with all his energy to die at only 30.
I am little tired but satisfied.