Man is Space & God is Time

Part I God is Time

Chapter 1 Birth of Time Chapter 26 Continuation
Chapter 2 Beyond Men Chapter 27 A cycle of a day & a year
Chapter 3 The knife cut the cake which is called Space Chapter 28 The arrow of Time
Chapter 4 Time in dreams Chapter 29 Real time & Imaginary time
Chapter 5 Elasticity of Time Chapter 30 The dawn of Time
Chapter 6 Criteria of Time(relative or absolute) Chapter 31 Dreams in Imaginary time
Chapter 7 24 hours a day Chapter 32 Imaginary time is real
Chapter 8 Men who have no idea about Time Chapter 33 Real and Imaginary
Chapter 9 Men who have idea about Time Chapter 34 Vertical arrow of Time
Chapter 10 Time, fourth dimension Chapter 35 Flow of time
Chapter 11 Time solves everything Chapter 36 Feeling with God
Chapter 12 Aging Chapter 37 Only God can stop the flow of time
Chapter 13 60 minutes an hour is unnecessary Chapter 38 The spring of biological clock
Chapter 14 Grace of Sun Chapter 39 The length of lifetime
Chapter 15 Standard time of men's life Chapter 40 Euclid space
Chapter 16 Pain makes Happiness Chapter 41 Life in imaginary time
Chapter 17 Reality and Existence Chapter 42 The dawn and dead of time
Chapter 18 Time and Force Chapter 43 The dawn of men's time
Chapter 19 Variation of Time Chapter 44 Cause of different time
Chapter 20 Past and Future Chapter 45 Dead of men's time
Chapter 21 Your time, My time Chapter 46 To realize about the time
Chapter 22 A Contract with God Chapter 47 Be friend with the time
Chapter 23 A day and a year of planets Chapter 48 Time & Energy
Chapter 24 Biological clock Chapter 49 The dawn of new men
Chapter 25 To live regularly Chapter 50 Live well today

Part II God is always within you

Chapter 1 Your god Chapter 26 Day and Night
Chapter 2 God created by men Chapter 27 The law of gravity
Chapter 3 God created by nature Chapter 28 Morning and Evening
Chapter 4 God created by the earth Chapter 29 Between the sun and the earth
Chapter 5 The antimatter Chapter 30 God is always within you
Chapter 6 Time created the light Chapter 31 Time is neither Money nor God
Chapter 7 2001 a space Odyssey Chapter 32 Influence of the gravitation
Chapter 8 The moon Chapter 33 The potentiality of men
Chapter 9 The velocity Chapter 34 The precision of the biological clock
Chapter 10 A Coin Chapter 35 The fixed idea
Chapter 11 Space and Movement(?) Chapter 36 The rust on the spring of biological clock
Chapter 12 Space and Movement Chapter 37 The lifetime
Chapter 13 Analogue and Digital Chapter 38 The life
Chapter 14 A Space "The Queen Earth" Chapter 39 The lifetime of the space and Men
Chapter 15 The pleasant life Chapter 40 The Fact, the Reality and the Truth
Chapter 16 The hard life Chapter 41 The five dimensional world
Chapter 17 Pleasant and Right Chapter 42 Live on imaginary space
Chapter 18 From relative to absolute Chapter 43 The question which can not exist
Chapter 19 Time comes up Chapter 44 Maximization of the existence energy
Chapter 20 Imaginary time beckon on us Chapter 45 The association game of God
Chapter 21 Feel the moment Chapter 46 A step to the five dimensional world
Chapter 22 Experience to have felt "God is always within me" Chapter 47 The idea of maximization of the existence energy
Chapter 23 The mysterious power of the moon Chapter 48 Real space and imaginary space
Chapter 24 The galaxy Chapter 49 God or evil with time
Chapter 25 Feeling on a day and a year Chapter 50 Time bless you up

Part III Time bless you up

Message 1 An everlasting lover Message 26 The energy and Time
Message 2 I am flowing Message 27 You and me
Message 3 My Godfather Message 28 The flow at the moment
Message 4 The first mistake Message 29 The world of chaos
Message 5 "The absolute" is my father Message 30 My comment on you
Message 6 The birth of chaos Message 31 "The absolute" is the five dimensional world
Message 7 My duty Message 32 Simplicity is the best
Message 8 The trigger of my transformation Message 33 You keep making mistakes
Message 9 The method of being aware Message 34 Five senses fight me
Message 10 Just whirling Message 35 The friendship with me (The meditation)
Message 11 There is no god in "The absolute" Message 36 The friendship with me (The prayer)
Message 12 My hard decision Message 37 The past
Message 13 You are not keeping the laws of cosmos Message 38 The future
Message 14 You are not having the bridges Message 39 The present
Message 15 The meaning of the Cross Message 40 The Milky Way
Message 16 The highest and lowest moment Message 41 Your dimension
Message 17 Three basic rules Message 42 Is Time a fourth dimension?
Message 18 The fight between you and me Message 43 The flow of time
Message 19 A value of spice (the neutral point) Message 44 The macro and the micro
Message 20 Just "Now and Here" Message 45 The way of thinking
Message 21 The moment to return Message 46 This world doesn't carry as reason to say
Message 22 It is no good to monopolize me Message 47 I call and you call
Message 23 The stillness and the exercise Message 48 You must be alone
Message 24 The darkness and the light Message 49 I am the absolute fair executor
Message 25 Sound of silence Message 50 My name is "Time"


Friedrich Nietzsche claimed " The God is dead" when he saw a big tree.
European Christians believe that God is in the heaven, don't they?
The Duomos in many European countries let them have the same idea as what Nietzsche thought but there was something missing: big trees have big roots but Duomos have no root even though they are growing up toward heaven.
The big trees have to be deep-rooted underneath the ground if they want to grow up toward heaven. This is a law of nature.
You must accept Evil if you need God.
You must accept Hell if you need Heaven.
The Duomos don't match to a law of nature.
That is why Christians are not able to explain existence of Evil stated in the Bible.
The world is based on the dichotomy-God is not able to exist without Evil-which is inconsistent with the concept of God in the Bible.
That is why Nietzsche claimed " God is dead"
James Still wrote the book "Jack and the Wonder Beans"
This is the story that Jack found a vine of some big bean tree and climbed it to reach the heaven.
This story tells that there must be no heaven in the sky.
The Duomos look up onto the heaven in the sky but it cannot reach the heaven unless they also take root into the hell under the ground.
I was wondering how miraculous the Duomos had been constructed and how many lives they had taken to be built.
The uncountable victims have been sleeping under the Duomos that mean the roots of them.
The concept of God originated by men never accepts the existence of Evil even though men know the existence of Evil.
The sky and the grounds.
We live on the grounds and worship the sky that is the world of four dimensions called Time and Space.
Scientists made the concept of the dimensions and found the world of four dimensions but not any more.
The concept of the dimensions has the confidence there must be far more dimensions though we only have found up to the fourth.
Some religious people insist there are more dimensions beyond the forth called love, compassion and finally to God but I do not agree with them.
I must say religions are Maya, illusion.
I am not an atheist nor a theist.
I must, however, complain if the God is so unfair that there is no hell but heaven.
The concept of fairness is superior to the concept of love and compassion because there are many levels of love and compassion but fairness is just fairness.
From the point of dimensions,
the world of one dimension is line, and its element is length.
The world of two dimensions is plane, and its elements are length and width.
The world of three dimensions is solid (space), and its elements are length, width and height.
The world of four dimensions is time and space, and its elements are length, width, height and time.
This is it in science, but still continues in religion.
They say that the element of the fifth dimension is something such as love or compassion and it is not logical.
Albert Einstein challenged to find out the fifth dimension but he failed and as a result he concluded the fifth dimension is the realm of the God.
I try to look it from a different angle in this book.
Shall we try to forget and approach the theory of dimensions on the basis of a law of cosmos?
We are confident the world of three dimensions is Space and Space controlled and ruled by Time, fourth dimension.
Time gives everything of Space equally for 24 hours a day, 365 and a quarter days a year.
What is God? God is beyond our world. We cannot see the world of God.
I cannot help saying God is Time and this concept is logical.
I am, therefore, trying to approach God on the premise that God is Time on this book.
Today I visited the town of Poland called Oswiecim, Auschwitz Concentration Camp where Nazis of Hitler killed off millions of people realized the sin of human beings.
I would like to start writing this book not to forget this emotional moment.

May 21, 2202 (at Krakow in Poland) Satoshi Nitta

Intermission between Part I, II and Part III

The title "Man is Space & God is Time" occurred to me in Krokow, Poland when I visited Auschwitz Concentration Camp called Oswiecin in the suburbs of Krokow.
The cry of the slaughtered people in the Camp reminded me of the film Schindler's List and shocked me to death.
While Friedrich Nietzsche claimed "God is dead", I'd like to figure out how on earth man is going to live? what kind of criteria man uses to live?
I hesitated to entitle this book with the word "God", but I dare to use it for the same reason in the book "An Autobiography of God".
The speed of development in science shall make people go to extreme.
Some can live with happiness only by believing in God.
Some can live with happiness only by doubting of God.
I believe in something beyond human knowledge, which means the existence of God.
I don't, however, believe in the special relationship between man and God.
This is the reason why I hesitated to use the word "God" in the titles of my books.
As I am a right contrary man, I dared to use the word "God" in the title that mean "God is beside me" in Japanese.
However I had an inspiration with the title and I believe that writing this kind of metaphysical books is my life work.
This is the last time to use the word "God" in this book.
This is why I wrote Intermission between Part I, II and Part III that is to be entitled The message from the Time -"Time bless you up"-

September 26, 2002 Satoshi Nitta

Author’s Note

As mentioned in the Intermission after Part I and II, using the word ‘God’ is against my will, so the title of Part III is not to be “The Message from Time” but “Time bless you up”.
On the Website, in fact, Part III used to be classified as one book, but I was coming to realize that it should not be one book but the Part III of this book “Man is Space and God is Time”.
I do hesitate to use the word ‘God’ in the titles of my works. However looking to the world where we are, I have no choice but to accept the existence of God that shall be matched to our world.
The concept of God that has been believed as the Omnipotent can be replaced by a different concept of God that is familiar with man.
I thought that I would omit the word ‘God’ entirely, but I dared to choose a difficult way to include “Time bless you up” in this book.
I did not suppose that I would write the same kind of book as “An Autobiography of God”. I am confident, however, this book which I started to write in Krokow, Poland was finished off beyond my expectation.
I remember the book “The guide book for spiritual journey ” word for word because I had been nursing many ideas.
By contrast I do not remember exactly what I have written in this book and “An Autobiography of God “because I had inspiration when I was working on them.
Part III “Time bless you up” is written in poetic phrases that are not logical and appeal how they move readers.
It is hard for me to remember the content of this book. That’s why I’m much impressed as if I was just a reader when I read this book all over again. I have never had such impression so far.
I would like you to enjoy reading this book like poems.

October 12, 2002 Satoshi Nitta