At the beginning

Only we human beings have lived a life with principle and real intension in the world of dichotomy.
The more time we live the more schizophrenic we become.
On the other hand,
All the creations in the natural society and the human naïve children have lived with only real intention in the world of monism.
They don’t feel the process of time without schizophrenia.
Evolving from mines to plants,
Evolving from plants to animals,
Evolving from mammal to mankind,
Where are we going to after evolving from mankind to human beings?
I am now writing so that I can get a certain answer to the question.

June 24 2015 Satoshi Nitta

Chapter 1 Night’s dream & Day’s dream
Chapter 2 A life without dream & A life with dream
Chapter 3 To live a dreamy life
Chapter 4 To live a daydream life
Chapter 5 Day-light-dream & Dark-night-dream
Chapter 6 Darkness is temptation for heaven
Chapter 7 Essence of darkness
Chapter 8 Falsity of light
Chapter 9 Falsity of god
Chapter 10 Identity of agony and anxious and finally fear of death
Chapter 11 Identity of god is unreal image
Chapter 12 Identity of religion
Chapter 13 Identity of human beings
Chapter 14 Newly-born mankind to survive
Chapter 15 Ability of dialogue
Chapter 16 Velocity of five senses
Chapter 17 Unlimited velocities of five senses
Chapter 18 Limited velocities of five senses
Chapter 19 What measurement problem mean?
Chapter 20 How soon is our human society which goes beyond life/death coming?

At the end

My book [The Absolute Cosmos] (The law of Absolute) having written for 2005 into 2006 was saying at this last quotation as follows.
Men of today are 32nd generation.
The 32nd generation was born at from 1970’s to 1990’s when the population was exceeding by 232 =4, 294, 967, 296 human beings.
The 31st generation was born at from 1900’s to 1940’s when the population was exceeding by 231=2, 147, 483, 648, human beings.
The 33rd generation who is a new mankind will be born at from 2030’s to 2040’s when the population will be exceeding by 233 =8, 589, 934, 592 human beings.
Is the human society where men can go beyond life and death after this going to appear?

November 11 2015 Satoshi Nitta