Recommendation of suicide

At the beginning

The number of peoples who have committed suicide in one year has exceeded thirty thousands for the past 11 years in Japan.
“This is the most serious matter!”
“The more peoples are going to commit suicide unless the proper countermeasure is treated”.
The government has taken the countermeasure into consideration but it will not be prevented absolutely.
It is because the desire to commit suicide is essential desire such as appetite and lust which are instinctive desire not be quitted forever.
We are aware of appetite and naturally lust but desire to commit suicide must have been suppressed by someone someday.
The one of culprits is surely religion.
The other one of culprits is supposed to be science.
The book of “Recommendation of suicide” is going to verify this matter but it is not the target of this book but to verify how good to commit suicide is.
It gives us a lot of trouble for one of family to commit suicide.
We can not go into the heaven if we commit suicide.
We have started to believe in this superstition from the certain time unconsciously nowadays.
However how come does it give us a lot of trouble for one of family to commit suicide?
It must give us a lot of blessing for one of family to commit suicide because life insurance covers a lot of money.
How come can we not go into the heaven if we commit suicide?
Can we believe in this kind of superstition which is made by the one who has not experienced to die?
Did he hear from the one who had died?
The trap of religion is nothing but to tell the impossible story which can neither verify nor negate.
I have simply thought about suicide.
Only we human beings have known about death which is going to come in the future.
Other creations can not commit suicide because they don’t know about death.
This is not reasonable unless to know about death is surely blessing.
We should not have known about death if to know about death is unhappy such as other creations.
However we human being is ranked at top on the earth.
To know about death must have been blessing.
To commit suicide must have been also blessing to catch by self.
This is the aiming of the book of “Recommendation of suicide”.

February 24 2009 Satoshi Nitta
Chapter 1 The blessing of knowing about death Chapter 51 Self control
Chapter 2 To die is to commit suicide Chapter 52 Sodom now is Japan
Chapter 3 To commit suicide is virtue Chapter 53 To real society from false society
Chapter 4 Does God exist? Chapter 54 “Idea of angel” & “Idea of devil”
Chapter 5 Religion = Coin gamble Chapter 55 Real democracy
Chapter 6 Identity of god (religion) Chapter 56 False democratic society
Chapter 7 To die is to come home Chapter 57 Root cause of fear of death
Chapter 8 Religion & science which are the most sin Chapter 58 Difference between the beasts & the lord of all creations
Chapter 9 True enlightenment Chapter 59 Balanced idea & imbalanced idea
Chapter 10 Greatest blessing in life Chapter 60 Past/present/future & “Now & here”
Chapter 11 Source of thinking power Chapter 61 Substance & Absent concept
Chapter 12 To know about death is the beginning of intelligence Chapter 62 Judge between virtue and evil
Chapter 13 Memory & Dream Chapter 63 “To love” and “To be loved”
Chapter 14 True cause of cancer Chapter 64 Jesus teaching of “love”& Christianity dogma of “love”
Chapter 15 Natural society & Human society Chapter 65 Religion & Founder
Chapter 16 Issue only which the human society has Chapter 66 Blessed are the poor
Chapter 17 What a ridiculous man is! Chapter 67 Human society which goes for wool and comes home shorn
Chapter 18 A life without getting rid of the matter of death Chapter 68 Upside down society
Chapter 19 Understanding about death Chapter 69 Intelligent civilized society to Ex-intelligent civilized society
Chapter 20 Which do you want? Chapter 70 Upside down society to right-side up society
Chapter 21 How nonsense the science is! Chapter 71 Complicated society of “to live or to die”
Chapter 22 Real deal Chapter 72 Concept of surplus (Concept of stock)
Chapter 23 Most important matter Chapter 73 Concept of rich and poor
Chapter 24 How to understand about death? Chapter 74 A life only for food, clothing & shelter
Chapter 25 Venus-man & Earth-man Chapter 75 A life not only for food, clothing & shelter
Chapter 26 A day & A year Chapter 76 Human society which is self-contradictory
Chapter 27 Scientist Chapter 77 Overwhelming truth
Chapter 28 Real time Chapter 78 Proof of upside down animal
Chapter 29 Past/present/future is not time but space Chapter 79 From intelligence to ex-intelligence
Chapter 30 To die is to finish seeing the movie Chapter 80 Identity of intelligent civilized society
Chapter 31 To live is rehearsal for to die Chapter 81 From “the Axial Age” to “the age of circular motion”
Chapter 32 Problem only for human beings Chapter 82 Ignorant primitive society/Intelligent civilized society/Ex-intelligent civilized society
Chapter 33 Real life Chapter 83 A life is just a dream
Chapter 34 Complete conscious Chapter 84 Reality and Unreality
Chapter 35 Safety driving & Prudential driving Chapter 85 Fear of death is illusion
Chapter 36 True cause of Great depression Chapter 86 Cause of fear of death
Chapter 37 We can change now! Chapter 87 How not to fear of death
Chapter 38 Ultra mommonism Chapter 88 Who fears of death is ego
Chapter 39 Physical happy = Mental unhappy Chapter 89 Cast in the motion picture
Chapter 40 Mental affordability = Own space Chapter 90 Real deal & Phony boloney
Chapter 41 Human beings who long for non-existence Chapter 91 Self
Chapter 42 Pandemonium of life and death Chapter 92 Split body makes ill
Chapter 43 Death (substance) & Life (image) Chapter 93 Total feeling & partial view of body
Chapter 44 Modern man without learning Chapter 94 There is ill only in the human society
Chapter 45 Truth which was forgotten by men Chapter 95 I & the Earth
Chapter 46 Other’s happy = Own happy Chapter 96 There is natural disaster only in the human society
Chapter 47 Pandemonium world to hell world Chapter 97 The earth is screaming with fever
Chapter 48 The end of world is close at hand Chapter 98 Cause of cancer
Chapter 49 Japan has the key of extermination Chapter 99 Treatment of cancer (disease)
Chapter 50 The idea which is going to ruin the nation Chapter 100 Beyond death (Theory of beyond)

At the end

To know about death must have been blessing.
To commit suicide must have been also blessing to catch by self.
We must go beyond the absolute death as well as the relative death in order to realize the fact as stated at Chapter 100.
This is nothing but the beyond death.
This is the aiming of the book of “Recommendation of suicide”.
We must also go beyond religion which is the foundation of the law of absolute and science which is the foundation of the theory or relativity in order to realize the fact simultaneously.
This is at the beginning of the theory of beyond.
Let’s have the next book “The theory of beyond” take over after making at the end by Chapter 100 “Beyond death (The theory of beyond)”.

July 7 2009 Satoshi Nitta