Part (I)【Money disappear is full of money】

Part (VI)【Self disappears is full of awareness】

Chapter 1 Virtual money makes you rich! Chapter 1 End of religion and science
Chapter 2 You can issue your own money Chapter 2 How stupid men are!
Chapter 3 You had better make as same thing as government Chapter 3 Japan is disappearing
Chapter 4 Fucking law! Chapter 4 Compensation for war
Chapter 5 Debt must be succeeded by law Chapter 5 Ideology of chosen people is ultimate discrimination
Chapter 6 There is no fear at all for poor Chapter 6 "Japan Restoration"
Chapter 7 The most expensive life Chapter 7 What fucking difference between the royal family and us?
Chapter 8 The world of evil spirits Chapter 8 Why is it so?
Chapter 9 Never be the nation people! Chapter 9 Japanese Emperor must resign upon his own accord
Chapter 10 Thankfulness Chapter 10 Nation of Japan sold her nation people

Part (II)【Goods disappear is full of goods】

Part (VII)【Company disappears is full of awaken】

Chapter 1 Consumption's mind Chapter 1 Money capitalism = Imperialism
Chapter 2 Bankrupt's mind Chapter 2 Information Age
Chapter 3 We consumers have the key! Chapter 3 Information society
Chapter 4 Gamble is the safest now Chapter 4 World economy is almost dead
Chapter 5 It is the time of revolution Chapter 5 Great = inferior
Chapter 6 Economy for people Chapter 6 Blood and land relationship society
Chapter 7 Democracy with inheritance to Democracy without inheritance Chapter 7 War & Succession and inheritance system
Chapter 8 Mankind back to the Garden of Eden Chapter 8 Intelligent power & Physical power
Chapter 9 Evil subject's slander Chapter 9 Information power & Intelligent power
Chapter 10 Master and guest should be upside-down Chapter 10 There is only human society with ruler and ruled

Part (III)【Family disappear is full of single】

Part (VIII)【New mankind appears is full of awareness】

Chapter 1 Nation state and nation people should be upside-down Chapter 1 Civilization
Chapter 2 You were also born of Big-bang Chapter 2 Where does war come from?
Chapter 3 Nuclear power plant' issue would never be solved Chapter 3 Worst animal
Chapter 4 Say good-bye to the fake life Chapter 4 End of discriminated society
Chapter 5 Loan is temptation of devil Chapter 5 Twisted economys
Chapter 6 Keep doing until you die Chapter 6 Final Cold War
Chapter 7 Ridiculous family Chapter 7 Successful & Unsuccessful
Chapter 8 My debt is other's debts Chapter 8 How soon is America disappearing?
Chapter 9 Mind cannot be succeeded Chapter 9 End of civilized society
Chapter 10 From mirror of mirror into mirror Chapter 10 Identity of bullying

Part (IV)【Nation state disappear is full of equality】

Part (IX)【One world appears is full of enlightenment】

Chapter 1 From mirror society into real society Chapter 1 Identity of bullying/discrimination
Chapter 2 Impossible life→ Possible life Chapter 2 Identity of discrimination/unfair/wars
Chapter 3 Human society with possible life Chapter 3 Art and Talent
Chapter 4 There is no marriage without divorce Chapter 4 Advanced countries are the discrimination countries
Chapter 5 Defining condition for the society without war Chapter 5 Advanced countries is the patent for the white Aryan
Chapter 6 Terms for man V.S. Terms for wild Chapter 6 One world is coming soon
Chapter 7 Juku school must go bankrupt Chapter 7 One world
Chapter 8 Black business Chapter 8 World without anxious and agony
Chapter 9 Contradictory world Chapter 9 Gold is born of effort and anxiety
Chapter 10 United Nations is the union of mafia Chapter 10 Money is coming if it isn't needed

Part (V)【Society/business disappear is full of fair】

Part (X)【Real economy appears is full of satisfaction】

Chapter 1 Businessman is false Chapter 1 Identity of the widening society between rich and poor
Chapter 2 Businessman is illusionary (imaginary) Chapter 2 The widening society between rich and poor is the society with malice
Chapter 3 Outlaw age is coming soon Chapter 3 America as a leader of reckless rats
Chapter 4 Identity of the upside-down society Chapter 4 I had better bet on my life!
Chapter 5 Outlaw society is an ideal society Chapter 5 Natural society > Human society
Chapter 6 Difference between male & female Chapter 6 Civilized society = Widening gap society is disappearing soon
Chapter 7 Perfect individual age is coming Chapter 7 Ultra widening gap society = Ultra equal society
Chapter 8 No-where place is worse than now here Chapter 8 Be done because doing & Be not done because not doing
Chapter 9 Harmful idea is nothing but ridiculous Chapter 9 Be not done because doing → Be not done because not doing
Chapter 10 Anti-socialism = Anti-corporatism = Equality Chapter 10 Mammonism = Anti-mammonism