At the beginning

“Past” event which has already passed away is known.
“Future” event which has not yet come is unknown.
“Present” event which is really being is whether known or unknown?
This is neither known nor unknown but only one substantial.
Known is not only one as well as unknown is not only one but substantial is only one.
What is the only substantial one?
This is entirely the death.
What is to live is nothing but just an absent concept of death.
We have lived a life in getting rid of death.
Who can answer to the question what is to live?
Let’s go over what to live is one by one.

June 22 2015 Satoshi Nitta

Chapter 1 Beginning of dream Chapter 51 Solid Historical View for Galaxy
Chapter 2 World without the beginning & ending Chapter 52 Solid Historical View for Whole Universe
Chapter 3 Strong anthropic principle & Weak anthropic principle Chapter 53 Solid Historical View for Absolute Universe
Chapter 4 Raison d'être of dichotomy = necessary evil Chapter 54 Truth about static and moving
Chapter 5 To live a life is necessary evil Chapter 55 Falsity of “There was the word at the beginning”
Chapter 6 To become adult is to become evil Chapter 56 Dichotomy of static universe/motion universe
Chapter 7 Tree structures for necessary evil Chapter 57 Modern astronomy is the criticism of movie
Chapter 8 Tree structures of history Chapter 58 Newly-born astronomy
Chapter 9 Tree structured history Chapter 59 Objective astronomy = Substantial astronomy
Chapter 10 Tree structured time Chapter 60 Subjective = other’s subjective & Objective = self’s objective
Chapter 11 Relative history →Absolute history Chapter 61 Subjective = other’s subjective = past/present/future & Objective = self’s objective = “now & here”
Chapter 12 Tree structured history →Only one history Chapter 62 Motion historical view = subjective historical view & Static historical view = objective historical view
Chapter 13 Tree structured history V.S. Only one unique history Chapter 63 History is lying
Chapter 14 Tree structured history →Only one unique history Chapter 64 History of beast
Chapter 15 “Now & here” = “Only one & absolute” Chapter 65 History of mankind
Chapter 16 Why “Now” = “Only one”? Chapter 66 Wrong history of mankind
Chapter 17 Why “Here” = “Absolute”? Chapter 67 Root cause of double misunderstandings
Chapter 18 “Unique” = “Absolute” = “Substance” V.S. “Multiple” = “Relative” = “Image” Chapter 68 Culprit of double misunderstandings
Chapter 19 Unique & absolute historical view Chapter 69 False history = Winner V.S. True history = Loser
Chapter 20 So-called reality = Imaginary world Chapter 70 Duty of history = True history = History of loser
Chapter 21 Organized society = Imaginary society = Illusionary society Chapter 71 Image/reality/truth
Chapter 22 Dreadful god-cracy Chapter 72 Reality
Chapter 23 The god-cracy = the worst dualism ideology Chapter 73 Image
Chapter 24 Discrimination/unfair/wars V.S. Equality/fair/peace Chapter 74 Essence →Reality →Image
Chapter 25 Imaginary world & Substantial world Chapter 75 Essence →Reality →Image→Reality →Truth
Chapter 26 Imaginary history & Substantial history Chapter 76 History of essence V.S. History of truth
Chapter 27 Conventional history is subjective history Chapter 77 History of essence →History of truth
Chapter 28 Conventional history is great sin Chapter 78 History of truth = Truth
Chapter 29 Objective common sense Chapter 79 History = Truth
Chapter 30 Objective common sense (1) Chapter 80 Truth = History
Chapter 31 Objective common sense (2) Chapter 81 Meaning of truth
Chapter 32 Objective common sense (3) Chapter 82 Relativity of image and truth
Chapter 33 Objective common sense (4) Chapter 83 Dichotomy = Relativity
Chapter 34 Objective common sense (5) Chapter 84 Trilism = Absoluteness
Chapter 35 Objective common sense (6) Chapter 85 Negative word = Disliked word
Chapter 36 Objective common sense (7) Chapter 86 Falsity of science
Chapter 37 Objective common sense (8) Chapter 87 Similarity of religion and science
Chapter 38 Objective common sense (9) Chapter 88 Dichotomy’s trap
Chapter 39 Subjective history = principle V.S. Objective history = real intention Chapter 89 Identity of civilization
Chapter 40 History and Historical Science Chapter 90 What is civilization?
Chapter 41 Identity of Historical Science Chapter 91 Making non-civilization is civilization and finally un-civilization
Chapter 42 Identity of Historical Science = False History Chapter 92 Un = to go beyond
Chapter 43 Truth of History = Real History Chapter 93 Beyond historical view
Chapter 44 Point Historical View Chapter 94 Meaning of Beyond Historical View
Chapter 45 Linear Historical View Chapter 95 Learning of choice to learning of going beyond
Chapter 46 Plane Historical View Chapter 96 Learning of going beyond
Chapter 47 Solid Historical View for Mankind Chapter 97 Newly-born sense of value
Chapter 48 Solid Historical View for life organ Chapter 98 Conventional sense of value
Chapter 49 Solid Historical View for Earth Chapter 99 Why do we learn?
Chapter 50 Solid Historical View for Solar System Chapter 100 What do we learn for?

At the end

Truth is piles of realities.
Reality is piles of facts.
Fact is piles of the event at “now & here”.
The concept of time such as past/present/future is nothing but the illusionary tool forged by human beings.
To reach the truth above mentioned is nothing but the real meaning of what is to live.
We human beings have fallen into the syndrome of the tone deaf without awareness at the certain time.
As a result,
Virtue/virtue and evil/evil are each 1.5 % and total 3 % of possibility.
Virtue/evil and evil/virtue are each 48.5 % and total 97 % of possibility.
In other words,
Unnecessity is total 3 %.
Necessity is total 97%.
It shall be only total 3 % people who can change our human society.
“Men have more evolved than women by one hundred years”
This is the ridiculous proverb in the male-oriented society.
“Women have more evolved than men by one thousand years”
This shall be the common sense in the coming equality society.

March 31 2016 Satoshi Nitta