The newly-born Japan
At the beginning

Readers must have been puzzled with “The Newly-born Japan” because it was very idealistic on the basis of the theory of evolution, however fortunately it has concluded not with idealistically but with demonstratively.
Idealistic process must be the gateway to demonstrative process.
Therefore, I could not get rid of idealistic process as writer even if readers could get.
I should have played up to readers if I were commercialist, however I could not have got rid of idealism if I were real dealer.
I shall very much appreciate if readers can hear my complaint.
Otherwise, I shall be pleased to start “The Newly-born Japan (II)” because I can write it demonstratively.
Readers will be able to enjoy this book in Oasis after hard journey in long way desert.

March 9, 2008 Satoshi Nitta

Chapter 1 The earth is miracle star
Chapter 2 Human society with discrimination, unfair and wars
Chapter 3 Modern sodomist is modern Japanese
Chapter 4 Japanese who have lost humanity
Chapter 5 Big businesses are disappearing
Chapter 6 Big businesses are disappearing (2)
Chapter 7 Collapse of politics and economy
Chapter 8 Human society after Collapse of politics and economy
Chapter 9 Forthcoming society
Chapter 10 Forthcoming society (2)
Chapter 11 Life without bondage (1)
Chapter 12 Life without bondage (2)