The newly-born Japan
At the beginning

2009 might be symbolic year.
Great financial crisis happened at the end of 2008 which was supposed to happen once 100 year.
What did it mean?
It meant 2009 shall be authentic financial crisis.
Most of reckless critics are saying reckless opinion that the great financial crisis will be over at the end of this year.
This kind of recklessness must have taken the crisis once 100 year.
This year shall be authentic crisis.
“The Newly-born Japan (II)” had been written last year however it is going to happen from now on.
That is why I am going to write “The Newly-born Japan (III)” right now.

March 8, 2009 Satoshi Nitta

Chapter 1 New age (“Newly-born age”)
Chapter 2 Society without nation
Chapter 3 Newly-born society
Chapter 4 Real liberal society
Chapter 5 Rule for the newly-born human society
Chapter 6 Newly-born economy
Chapter 7 Newly-born economy (2)
Chapter 8 Newly-born economy (3)
Chapter 9 Open liberal society (1)
Chapter 10 Open liberal society (2)
Chapter 11 Open liberal society (3)
Chapter 12 True liberal society
Chapter 13 True liberal life
Chapter 14 Understanding about death
Chapter 15 World of “Beyond”
Chapter 16 Return to nature
Chapter 17 Present feeling of the earth
Chapter 18 Confession to the earth
Chapter 19 Death is everywhere
Chapter 20 Substance of death
Chapter 21 Be aware, human beings!
Chapter 22 Ideology of 21st century
Chapter 23 Final way of thinking
Chapter 24 Right way of thinking