The newly-born Japan

At the beginning

Mankind history has not been described among the whole history through a universe such as nature, the earth, the solar system, the Galaxy and so on subsumed human beings as part of them, but by the only limited history of human society.
It is impossible to describe the true mankind's history without looking down at the human history from the whole history of universe however so many countries had been born and disappeared repeatedly in the human history.
There is no guarantee the nation of Japan is going to survive in the future.
The past history proved so many countries disappeared.
First of all the eastern countries, the Soviet Union had been disappeared which was one of leaders in the Cold War and next ones, Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia, East Germany and so on also disappeared after the greatest and longest catastrophic Cold War in the 20th century.
The people of nation never disappear even though the nation disappears.
The people of Soviet Union became the people of Russia, the people of Yugoslavia became the people of Serbia, Bosnia and Macedonia, the people of Czechoslovakia became the people of Czech Republic and Slovakia Republic, and the people of East Germany became the people of unification of Germany.
The nations are all indeed illusionary ones.
Then what is a trigger for the nation to be born and disappear?
The ancient nation Troy disappeared by lost at the Trojan War against Greek first and two times of the great world war and the Cold War in the 20th century proved that war is the most elemental key for the nation to be born and disappear.
The king Agamemnon of Greece who was so greedy and cruel became the winner because the bravest and fairest Achilles was for him.
On the other hand, the king Priam of Troy who believed in his priest on behalf of God Apollo too much became the loser because he was not for his wise and brave son Hector.
The German nation who had suffered from the First World War expected Adolf Hitler too much as a savior and they lost their country.
Achilles and Hitler had been newly-born human who could not be understood by ordinary people in those days.
The nations are born and disappear when the newly-born human comes to appear.
The nations were born and disappeared during not only between the First World War and Second World War but at the end of the Cold War.
The nations will surely be born and disappear by the appearance of newly-born human in 21st century, and then the survival nations shall be asked for what they should do.
They will surely change into a newly-born nation even if they will be able to succeed to survive.
The nation of Japan must also change into a newly-born nation so that they prevent from disappearance of nation.
I shall make a proposition for Japan to survive in 21st century in the book of “The newly-born Japan”.

January 1st 2007 Satoshi Nitta

Chapter 1 “New apes” called mankind Chapter 39 “The modern (current) times” to “the New Age”
Chapter 2 Ancestor of Imperial House Chapter 40 Common sense of “the New Age”
Chapter 3 Ancestor of Mankind Chapter 41 “New apes” & “old apes”
Chapter 4 Ancestor of all things Chapter 42 New heliocentric system theory = “Self motion theory”
Chapter 5 Real world Chapter 43 Deadly misunderstanding of old-fashioned human
Chapter 6 Disappearance of nations Chapter 44 “Self motion theory”
Chapter 7 Substance of birth, alive and death Chapter 45 “Self motion theory” = absolute objectivity
Chapter 8 Evolution Chapter 46 “Illusionary modern times” from “Dark Middle Age)
Chapter 9 Growing of illusory symptom Chapter 47 “Enlightened New Age” from “Illusionary modern times”
Chapter 10 Illusory view of newly-born world Chapter 48 “Witness New Age” from “parody modern times”
Chapter 11 Newly-born world (four kinds of possibility) Chapter 49 “Newly-born human” = Witnessing human
Chapter 12 The age of heaven or hell Chapter 50 Witness & Witnessed
Chapter 13 Key Axial Age Chapter 51 New way of thinking
Chapter 14 Total conscious Chapter 52 Key word for “the New Age”
Chapter 15 Evolution of total conscious Chapter 53 “Time” & “space” for “the New Age”
Chapter 16 Individual conscious & total conscious Chapter 54 “The New Age” is sophisticated free society
Chapter 17 “The age for organization” moves to “the age for individual” Chapter 55 First step to solve the matter of “dead”
Chapter 18 Society at “the age for individual” Chapter 56 To live well is to die well
Chapter 19 To absolute theory of evolution from relative theory of evolution Chapter 57 True friend
Chapter 20 Risk of extinction or more evolution Chapter 58 Promised death
Chapter 21 How to stop the risk of extinction Chapter 59 How to die is first matter
Chapter 22 The most important human Chapter 60 How to find out the time to die
Chapter 23 Brave intelligence is new standard of “newly-born human” Chapter 61 Lifetime
Chapter 24 Criterion (1) for “newly-born human” Chapter 62 Imbalanced Modern Society
Chapter 25 Criterion (2) for “newly-born human” Chapter 63 Right to kill yourself
Chapter 26 Criterion (3) for “newly-born human” Chapter 64 Everything is wrong with human beings
Chapter 27 Getting rid of science Chapter 65 Your life to be decided by yourself
Chapter 28 “The newly-born society” is a female-oriented society Chapter 66 Sudden death vs. satisfactory death
Chapter 29 Essence of female-oriented society Chapter 67 Death without fear
Chapter 30 Ultra mammonism & mammonism Chapter 68 Real life = death
Chapter 31 New Axial Key Age Chapter 69 Substance of death (1)
Chapter 32 World of “beyond” Chapter 70 Substance of death (2)
Chapter 33 True evolution Chapter 71 Substance of death (3)
Chapter 34 Heroine of “the newly-born society” Chapter 72 Be aware, human beings!
Chapter 35 Receptive religion and receptive science Chapter 73 Reason to fear death
Chapter 36 New sacred professions Chapter 74 Deferring life
Chapter 37 Imaginative (Receptive = discovery) society Chapter 75 True liberty = freedom from death
Chapter 38 Paradigm for “the newly-born age” Chapter 76 Attracted by Death

At the end

Mankind history has done the worst.
We mankind take a pride in the lord of all creation which is not only to commit suicide but involve the Earth with tremendous sufferings.
Motherly Earth is now screaming everywhere.
The issue of global warming is so tiny matter and natural phenomenon which is coming soon shall give us tremendous damages.
However, we never say that it is natural disaster because it is surely artificial disaster.
Civilization created by mankind.
Human history supported by civilization.
Negative heritage of civilization which the ancient times, the Middle Age, modern times and current modern times has been creating is now spouting out at a stretch.
Is the new age coming?
There shall be no new age after the ancient times, the Middle Age, modern times and current modern times.
“New” is called because conventional common sense is broken.
“The New Age” which is breaking through conventional common sense called civilization shall be the ace for future human society.
The purpose of this book is to have your reader go over the conventional common sense.
I shall appreciate it very much if you read this book again and again so that you can master the new common sense.

July 12th 2007 Satoshi Nitta