At the beginning

Werner Heisenberg asserted "the Uncertainty Principle" 1927.
He proved there is no god in the micro world where the elementary particle like electron exists.
Not only Newton's physics but also Einstein's theory of relativity was determinism for the future.
In other words,
It is because of determinism that almighty God knows everything.
The Uncertainty Principle by Heisenberg proved that the future is not decisive at all by his formula.
The formula is ΔxXΔp>h/4π.
It shows that,
The bigger Δx becomes the smaller Δp becomes and vice versa because that h/4πis the constant number.
In extremely saying,
Δx becomes limited zero when Δp becomes limited infinite and Δp becomes limited zero when Δx becomes limited infinite.
This is entirely the proof that,
The position and the velocity are not decided simultaneously.
Albert Einstein was reported to have said that "God never throws dice" because Heisenberg's "the Uncertainty Principle" was imperfect.
Since then,
It has not been sure which one wins.
This book is aiming to get the answer.

March 5 2014 Junji Kimura

Part I (Micro World) Part II (Quantum Economics)
Chapter 1 Quantum physics V.S. Buddha's theory of emptiness Chapter 1 Economics = Quantum economics
Chapter 2 Infinite universe & Finite universe Chapter 2 Financing is in the world of boson
Chapter 3 Identity of reality Chapter 3 World of boson = World of misunderstanding
Chapter 4 Materialism & Spiritualism Chapter 4 Money & Human
Chapter 5 How was the quantum physics born? Chapter 5 Human-oriented → Money-oriented
Chapter 6 Particle/wave motion are two aspects of one coin Chapter 6 Upside-down society
Chapter 7 Particle is static & Wave is motion Chapter 7 Money-oriented → Human-oriented
Chapter 8 Quantum physics must be the right dichotomy Chapter 8 Permanent flow
Chapter 9 Interference & Sympathy Chapter 9 Maximization of Pion (Commutator)
Chapter 10 Sympathy = substantial & Interference = imaginary Chapter 10 Concentration of money
Chapter 11 Substance cannot be observed & Image can be observed Chapter 11 Monetary easing & Monetary tight
Chapter 12 Human society is interfered society Chapter 12 Real meaning of monetary tight
Chapter 13 Wrong human society & Right natural society Chapter 13 PER (Profit Earning Ratio) & PLR (Profit Losing Ratio)
Chapter 14 Wave motion is just an image Chapter 14 Losing profit & Losing debt
Chapter 15 Identity of five senses Chapter 15 Dichotomy of property/debt
Chapter 16 “Pauli exclusion principle” must be recalled “Pauli self exclusion principle” Chapter 16 Money & Monetary
Chapter 17 “Twin ones” & “Twin sixes” Chapter 17 Goods & Money & Monetary
Chapter 18 Determinism (God) never exists Chapter 18 Money is son of Goods
Chapter 19 Universe is about Chapter 19 Rich is useless
Chapter 20 About = confirm & Confirm = about Chapter 20 "Rich is useless" is truth
Chapter 21 Science's evolution Chapter 21 Science is just shit
Chapter 22 Evolution ⇔ Degeneration or One-way-evolution Chapter 22 Science/Religion V.S. Fool
Chapter 23 Peculiar point of energy Chapter 23 Minimum principle for the quantum economics
Chapter 24 Particle ray & Wave motion Chapter 24 Monetary is interference stripe by moneys
Chapter 25 Proof of science = religion Chapter 25 Birth of (Human) Society
Chapter 26 What is fucking Nobel Prize? Chapter 26 Barter & Current
Chapter 27 Toti-potency for animals Chapter 27 Stock shall be limited
Chapter 28 STAP issue is conspiracy Chapter 28 Equation between monetary & money
Chapter 29 All object have the totipotency Chapter 29 Money can be stocked & Monetary cannot be stocked
Chapter 30 Personality & Individual body Chapter 30 Human/Goods/Money are fundamentals for business
Chapter 31 God (wave) & Man (particle) Chapter 31 Dichotomy of particle/wave motion
Chapter 32 Quantum physics is newly-born religion Chapter 32 Particle (Money)/Wave motion (Monetary) of dichotomy’s essence
Chapter 33 Scientists must first learn philosophy Chapter 33 Money/Monetary of dichotomy
Chapter 34 Evolution of word Chapter 34 Relative monism of utilitarianism
Chapter 35 Numerical formula is not language but just word Chapter 35 Flow-ness & Stillness
Chapter 36 Numerical formula is for all mankind Chapter 36 Identity of financing
Chapter 37 Word is tool to understand about life & death Chapter 37 Value of usage and barter
Chapter 38 Turning point of life or death Chapter 38 Upside-down is born after the Cold War
Chapter 39 Particle (Substance) & Wave motion (Image) Chapter 39 World is rebounding
Chapter 40 Quantum physics is unnatural Chapter 40 Mammonism is going to die
Chapter 41 Real common sense Chapter 41 Boson = Dualon
Chapter 42 Our common sense Chapter 42 Boson = Dualon = Ramifion
Chapter 43 Impossible issue for human life Chapter 43 Quantum physics is fake business learning
Chapter 44 Cause of human anxious Chapter 44 Physics = Financial theory = Image theory
Chapter 45 Anxious doesn't make sense Chapter 45 Macro economy & Micro economy
Chapter 46 Status Chapter 46 Substantial money & Insubstantial monetary
Chapter 47 What is difference between Newton physics and quantum physics? Chapter 47 Private credit and Public credit
Chapter 48 Quantum physics can express only about the human society Chapter 48 substantial world only for private personal point
Chapter 49 World of fermion & World of boson Chapter 49 Real monetary
Chapter 50 Macro world/Micro world & Medium world Chapter 50 Bankrupt (Default) has gone
Part III (Quantum Philosophy)
Chapter 1 First shot by God
Chapter 2 God= Imperfectness of science
Chapter 3 "Beginning" and "Ending"
Chapter 4 Original sin of mankind
Chapter 5 Religion itself is sin
Chapter 6 A hard life must be bound by religion
Chapter 7 A hard life must be bound by science
Chapter 8 There is no necessity to live a life with religion and science
Chapter 9 There must be necessity to live a life with electron
Chapter 10 What is life?
Chapter 11 Time of organization (boson)→ Time of individual (fermion)
Chapter 12 Time of wave→ Time of particle
Chapter 13 Time of faker→ Time of real deal
Chapter 14 “Ego” = exclusion V.S. “Non-ego ”= non-exclusion
Chapter 15 Self negation = Self affirmation
Chapter 16 Dichotomy of real/fake → Trilism of beyond real/fake
Chapter 17 Illusion V.S. Illuminism
Chapter 18 Life V.S. Death
Chapter 19 Absolute dichotomy
Chapter 20 Relative monism → Absolute dichotomy
Chapter 21 Theory of relativity → Law of absoluteness
Chapter 22 Theory of relativity was the absolute law of light
Chapter 23 What was Einstein aiming at?
Chapter 24 Einstein must not be forgiven
Chapter 25 Science is evil spirit residing in forests, mountains and rivers
Chapter 26 Light is not as same as radio wave
Chapter 27 Radio wave = Flow of electrons
Chapter 28 Science = Religion
Chapter 29 Dichotomy of particle/wave motion
Chapter 30 Identity of “I am”
Chapter 31 “Ego” as “I am” & “Alone-ness” as “I and others are”
Chapter 32 Conscious of self/others (Alone-ness)
Chapter 33 Real self = Conscious of self/others (Alone-ness) & False self = Conscious of self (Ego)
Chapter 34 Animation is just an absent concept
Chapter 35 God is illusionary buy-product

At the end

Albert Einstein was awarded the Nobel Prize because of his logic about light as particle while since then light is just wave motion had been believed by James Maxwell's electromagnetism.
All elementary particles are not only particle but also wave motion.
This idea has been a king of kings about the world of quantum physics.
Albert Einstein was reported to have said that "God never throws dice" against Werner Heisenberg of his "Uncertainty Principle" which is also a king of kings about the world of quantum physics although Albert Einstein happened to contribute the development of the quantum physics by chance.
Since then,
"The theory of relativity" by Albert Einstein has been talking over the macro world.
"Uncertainty Principle" by Werner Heisenberg has been talking over the micro world.
They have been standing as the champion at the red corner and the blue corner to which no judges have ever been able to make final decision in the game of physics.
Buddha could have been able to make decision on such game as he was not scientist.
Buddha was reported to have said that,
"Things sensed by five senses which give us all hard life are all images not substantial"
It is because he realized that all senses by five sensed called wave motion are nothing but just an imaginary illusion.
This is entirely the proof that,
Light for visual organ and sound for audible organ are nothing but one of boson which cannot be functioned by "Pauli exclusion principle" although the quantum physics claims boson is not only particle but also wave motion.
Electron, proton and neutron are nothing but one of fermion which can be functioned by "Pauli exclusion principle" although the quantum physics claims fermion is not only particle but also wave motion.
In the Japanese wrestling game,
Even the best referee named "Shohnosuke Kimura" must judge the winner and the loser after the end of game.
This is entirely the trap of misunderstanding.
It is because even the best referee should have made misjudge by claim of four judges in the ring side and final decision is to be rematch.
This is quite contradictory system.
Buddha must have never made decision on who is the winner and who is the loser.
It is because nobody is the winner or the loser.
This is entirely the reason why this book was named as "Quantum's Trap".

September 1 2014 Junji Kimura