To the newest year’s greeting

Such a dull greeting “Happy New Year!” has been uttered almost 80 times for our human life every years when we each other give a greetings after 365 times a year and 24 hours a day at the moment after unconscious getting into fast asleep and non-awaking dull morning after dream and all of us must face before the fear of death in final.
This is our human life with fast asleep should happen by first to 365th probability between the new year’s eve of the 31st of December and the new years of the 1st of January in feeling of short-lived life.
This is one of case called the beginner’s luck by 100 % probability by first shot of dice and one of case called the average luck by 16.6 % probability by 6 times shot and one of case called the unlucky by 1.6 6% probability by 6 times shot.
For human life this should be one of each case called the beginner’s luck that the baby just born cannot be celebrated by the first birth day or the average luck that the average human can keep living for 80 years or the unlucky that the one who can be celebrated by 100 years old.
The proud scientists of quantum physics would say phenomenon of the uncertainty and the indefinite.
It must depend on individual subjectivity whether he gets the scientific method by probability among 7 billion people or gets the feeling method by probability of shot of dice.
We can say the next day of the 31st of December not as the 1st of next new year January but the 1st of 13th month but as a matter of fact we are making the misunderstanding circular motion returning back to1st of January.
This is our human beings who are making double misunderstanding.
Americans got as the same tragic feeling as Japanese when they got the drops of atomic bombs on the 6th and the 9th of August 1945 by the September 11 attacks happened on the 11th of September 2001.
French got as the same tragic feeling as French when they got the invasion of Paris by Adolf Hitler on the 23th of July 1940 by the November 13 attacks happened on the 13th of November 2015.
20 heads of states got together and screamed against terrorism for the world peace but not even one out of thousands times peace conference achieved.
What sort of human beings are?
This is our human beings who are making double misunderstanding and must face the fear of death in final unless we cannot recognize the double misunderstandings with circular motion.
We have been repeating thousands of thousands years by celebrating the new years by probability of 1st of 365th but must be aware from fast asleep.
This is the one of several decades celebration for new years to which we must declare to be awareness from fast asleep.

1st of January 2016 Satoshi Nitta

Chapter 1 Alive is suspended animation
Chapter 2 Authentic Easiness
Chapter 3 Today is not another day
Chapter 4 Eight kinds of difficulties for false life
Chapter 5 Real deal and false faker
Chapter 6 Trap of misunderstanding
Chapter 7 What is not there is here & what is here is not there
Chapter 8 Misunderstanding is absent concept of awareness
Chapter 9 Motion (Image) = Circle = Spiral
Chapter 10 Empty & Nothing
Chapter 11 Thing/Nothing dichotomy & Empty monism
Chapter 12 Empty trilism
Chapter 13 Aware monism to illusionary dichotomy
Chapter 14 Monism evolution to dichotomy of evolution/degeneration
Chapter 15 Theory of degeneration is truth
Chapter 16 Real intention & Principle
Chapter 17 Real intention = Principle
Chapter 18 Real intention = bondage & Principle = freedom
Chapter 19 To accept real intention
Chapter 20 From virtue/evil to real intention/principle
Chapter 21 From real intention /evil into only real intention
Chapter 22 Merit/demerit of dichotomy of real intention/principle
Chapter 23 Merit/demerit of necessary evil
Chapter 24 Law of diminishing marginal utility of necessary evil
Chapter 25 Law of diminishing marginal utility V.S. Theory of relativity
Chapter 26 Illusionary western modern philosophy
Chapter 27 Trap called antinomy
Chapter 28 Contradictory = Complementary
Chapter 29 Society of antinomy causes discrimination/unfair/wars
Chapter 30 Discrimination = Division
Chapter 31 “I am” = “Ego” = Dividing conscious
Chapter 32 “I am” = “Ego” = Imaginary self
Chapter 33 Imaginary self V.S. Real self
Chapter 34 Body’s sleep & Consciousness’s sleep
Chapter 35 What is sleep? (1)
Chapter 36 What is sleep? (2)
Chapter 37 What is real sleep?
Chapter 38 Sleep = Death
Chapter 39 Understanding of Sleep = Understanding of Death
Chapter 40 Common sense at the Ancient Greece
Chapter 41 Sleep is necessary evil
Chapter 42 Sleep of necessary evil→ Sleep of unnecessary virtue
Chapter 43 What is the sacred profession?
Chapter 44 To get rid of unnecessary evil
Chapter 45 Recommendation of unnecessary virtue
Chapter 46 What is necessary evil?
Chapter 47 What is unnecessary virtue?
Chapter 48 Dichotomy of necessity/unnecessity
Chapter 49 Monism of unnecessity
Chapter 50 Non-dimension

At the end

We human beings are the lord of all creations.
We human beings are compelled to look down all other creations as beasts.
Who on earth is saying such an arrogant idea?
To make matter worse,
Jews is saying all other races except Jews as domestic animals.
As a matter of fact,
Not only Japanese adults but even Japanese children were saying that all Americans and British people were brutes and called “Kichiku Beiei”
After invaded all Japanese were looking them up and saying “Please give me chocolates” without hesitation.
We all human beings seem to have lost pride since the dawn of civilization.
Now it is time to be awake.

March 30 2016 Satoshi Nitta