At the beginning

"Time flies like an arrow"
This proverb shows that,
Light and shadow means time and the sun as light and the moon as shadow.
This is entirely the proof that,
Time of light and shadow flies fast like an arrow.
The moon is defined as the shadow because it shows her figure by shadow which is a reflection by light of the sun while the sun shows his figure by his own light.
This is entirely the proof that,
There are two types of star in the universe such as the sun which shows his figure by his own light and as the earth and the moon and our human beings also which show their figures by shadow.
The existence of our human beings can be shown by shadow because we human beings cannot show our figures by our own light.
We human beings might be able to show our figures by our own light like the sun.
We might be able to sense the substantial universe which has never been sensed so far and because we have misunderstood that the imaginary universe is our universe if it is possible.
To write this book is nothing but my target to seek for the possibility.

October 30 2013  Junji Kimura

Part I (Shadow) Part II (Sun= Yang) Part III (Love)
Chapter 1 Light & Shadow Chapter 1 Yin & Yang Chapter 1 Love called "god"
Chapter 2 Moon (Satellite) Chapter 2 Great Yin & Yang = Beyond Yin & Yang =Great Earth Chapter 2 Love ("God") is not doing but being
Chapter 3 Circular motion Chapter 3 Light (Yang) and shadow (Yin) and self (Yin & Yang) Chapter 3 The way of being at "now & here"
Chapter 4 Moon is the end of universe Chapter 4 Identity of our universe Chapter 4 Miracle of love makes self = other
Chapter 5 Moon has no child Chapter 5 Substantial light universe & Substantial self universe Chapter 5 Identity of love (god)
Chapter 6 Moon (Satellite) is special star Chapter 6 Projector & White screen Chapter 6 Light & Darkness
Chapter 7 Moon (Satellite) is substantial star Chapter 7 Substantial Self Universe Chapter 7 There was the darkness in the beginning
Chapter 8 Substantial star & Imaginary star Chapter 8 Astronomy doesn't make sense Chapter 8 Theory of Love
Chapter 9 Apollo 11 did not go to the moon Chapter 9 View of universe = feeling of universe Chapter 9 Special theory of relativity
Chapter 10 Visible and invisible moon Chapter 10 Dream (Imaginary) universe as reality Chapter 10 The most tragic movie
Chapter 11 Can man reach to the moon? Chapter 11 Source of imaginary universe Chapter 11 The theory of relativity of Moses & The theory of absoluteness of Jesus
Chapter 12 The most advanced evolution is to know about death Chapter 12 Witnessed = Imagination Chapter 12 The theory of relativity is just the partial view
Chapter 13 The newly-born idea's age is coming soon Chapter 13 Imaginer & Imagined & Imagining Chapter 13 The theory of absoluteness is the total feeling
Chapter 14 The moon has no time Chapter 14 Form (Body) & Formless (Conscious) Chapter 14 Before & After
Chapter 15 Earth-man →Moon-man Chapter 15 Objective & Subjective Chapter 15 Special theory is half-way theory
Chapter 16 Earth-man has lived a life with time Chapter 16 Upside-down the human society Chapter 16 Special theory of love is half-way theory of love
Chapter 17 Moon-man has lived a life without time Chapter 17 Right-side-up the human society Chapter 17 Special theory of relativity is half-way limited theory
Chapter 18 Moon-man = dead-man Chapter 18 Right-side-up our universe Chapter 18 General theory of relativity is limited theory
Chapter 19 Event horizon is close at hand Chapter 19 Cause of upside-down Chapter 19 Theory of relativity = Humanism & Theory of absoluteness = Astronomy
Chapter 20 Upside-down = right-side-up at the event horizon Chapter 20 Identity of light (the sun) Chapter 20 Big-bang is not astronomy
Chapter 21 Event horizon = a glance of enlightenment Chapter 21 Relative light & Absolute light Chapter 21 Acknowledgement is impossible
Chapter 22 A glance of enlightenment→Perfect enlightenment Chapter 22 Each universe Chapter 22 Acknowledgement is possible
Chapter 23 Issue of enlightenment is individual Chapter 23 Only-oneness (Aloneness) universe Chapter 23 Right acknowledgement = Non acknowledgement
Chapter 24 Issue of the moon is individual Chapter 24 Which only one you prefer! Chapter 24 Doing and Being
Chapter 25 Moon = death Chapter 25 "Ego" & "Total feeling" Chapter 25 Only one illusionary creation is mankind
Chapter 26 Death phenomenon Chapter 26 Thinking of the self is against the self & Thinking of others is for the self Chapter 26 Intelligence with merit & demerit
Chapter 27 Phenomenon of alive Chapter 27 Shadow universe Chapter 27 Identity of intelligence's merit & demerit
Chapter 28 Phenomenon of alive/die Chapter 28 Substantial universe Chapter 28 Dichotomy is necessary evil
Chapter 29 Death is substantial and life is absent concept of death Chapter 29 Dichotomy's world is friction's world
Chapter 30 7years life circle Chapter 30 Friction's world is motion world
Chapter 31 7years life and death circle Chapter 31 Reality = dreaming world
Chapter 32 Unique life and death circle Chapter 32 Substance & Reality
Chapter 33 Phase transition Chapter 33 Double worlds
Chapter 34 Moon is the end of our universe Chapter 34 Space journey is spiritual journey
Chapter 35 Image is buy-product of feeling Chapter 35 Sixth sense universe
Chapter 36 Dream & Reality Chapter 36 Five sense animal = upside-down animal
Chapter 37 Professional & Amateur Chapter 37 Five sense = wrong organs & Sixth sense = right organ
Chapter 38 Professional of life & Amateur of life Chapter 38 World of movie (dream)
Chapter 39 Perfect human & Imperfect human Chapter 39 Realness of the world of five senses
Chapter 40 Answer to the question about life is very clear Chapter 40 This is entirely the proof of dreaming world
Chapter 41 Risk my life Chapter 41 God's substantiality
Chapter 42 Movie (Image) and Reality (Substance) Chapter 42 Love's substantiality
Chapter 43 Movie (Image) and Shadow Chapter 43 God = Love's substantiality
Chapter 44 Identity of movie (Image) and dream Chapter 44 Feeling of love's world becomes view of love's world at "now & here"
Chapter 45 Movie (Image) on conscious and dream on unconscious Chapter 45 View of present →Feeling of "now & here" (1)
Chapter 46 Movie (Image) on unconscious and dream on subconscious Chapter 46 View of present →Feeling of "now & here" (2)
Chapter 47 Substance on non-conscious Chapter 47 View of present →Feeling of "now & here" (3)
Chapter 48 Real self Chapter 48 View of present →Feeling of "now & here" (4)
Chapter 49 False universe Chapter 49 View of present →Feeling of "now & here" (5)
Chapter 50 Real universe = Shadow universe Chapter 50 Universe at "Now & Here" is substantial love universe

At the end

This is entirely the proof that,
The world of motion picture (dream) is nothing but something like the world outside of window of train.
This is entirely the proof that,
The flame of window of train is nothing but the white screen for the motion picture.
The substantial train for the substantial journey is nothing but our train called "The Earth".
To make matter better,
The substantial train for the substantial journey is nothing but our train called "The Universe".
This is entirely the proof that,
Our universe is nothing but "Shadow Universe".

March 4 2014 Junji Kimura