The guide book for spiritual journey

At the beginning

[The guide book for spiritual journey] Part (I) was written over on September 2000 but the draft was closed on May 28 2000 which had been delivered by e-mail to the readers on website since February 12 2000.
More than 10 years has passed since then while many kinds of book were written as below.
[An Autobiography of god], [Man is Space & God is Time], [Reality within sleep & Dream within Reality], [The Absolute Cosmos (The law of Absolute)], [The road to metaphysical world], [Heartstrings (Death program)], [Daily discourse], [Newly-born idea], [Revolutionary idea], [Ex-intelligent civilized society], [Super-widening gap society], [Even society], [Recommendation of suicide], [Recommendation of poorness], [Recommendation of illness], [Recommendation of unhappiness], [Recommendation of woman], [Recommendation of evil], [Recommendation of fool], [Recommendation of weak], [Recommendation of hell], [Recommendation of individual (slave)], [Purge of god (Recommendation of devil)], [World of zero], [Understanding of death] and back to [Man is Space & God is Time] as well as [An Autobiography of god] from [The theory of beyond].
[The guide book of spiritual journey] shall be rewritten as final stage spontaneously.
It is inevitable for me to write [The guide book of spiritual journey] Part (II) about my current idea in remembering 10 years ago.
Needless to say,
The goal of spiritual journey is to reach “real self”.
We human beings had forgotten “real self” at the dawn of civilized human society and found out “false self” since then we have believed in “false self” as self.
Discrimination/unfair/wars which are not there in the natural society were forged by “false self” in the human society.
Dual structured society of ruler and ruled, and the succession and inheritance discriminatory system which are not there in the natural society were forged by “false self” in the human society.
And as a result,
Agony, anxiety and finally fear of death which are not there in the natural society were forged by “false self” in the human society.
I shall appreciate very much if [The guide book of spiritual journey] Part (II) can help you to find “real self”.

May 23, 2011 Satoshi Nitta

Section (I) Vital = Breath Section (IX) Come back to “Real self” Section (XVII) Jumping to freedom
Chapter 1 Mechanism of breath Chapter 51 From degeneration to evolution Chapter 82 What do you want be free from?
Chapter 2 Breathing = double edged sword Chapter 52 You depend on yourself Chapter 83 Universal language = Language of silence
Chapter 3 Mechanism of double clutch Chapter 53 A glance of death Chapter 84 No! This is not this is not! (Neti Neti)
Chapter 4 Pause between inhale & exhale Chapter 54 Uncertain chaos world in everything Chapter 85 “I am” into “I am existing”
Chapter 5 Dream & Reality   Chapter 86 Death is not the matter of future
Chapter 6 Gap between dream & reality Section (X) Witness of motion picture Chapter 87 Internal view of world
Chapter 7 To become a master of dream Chapter 55 Witness who goes beyond Chapter 88 Jumping to freedom (1)
Chapter 8 There is neither virtue nor evil Chapter 56 Witness = The one who shut out five senses Chapter 89 Jumping to freedom (2)
Chapter 9 Annoyance is always moving Chapter 57 Gap between pain & blessing  
  Chapter 58 My-ego & Others-ego Section (XVIII) There is no safety life
Section (II) An easy life   Chapter 90 The human society without foreign language
Chapter 10 Identity of hard life Section (XI) Form to formless Chapter 91 Religion is disappearing soon
Chapter 11 Painless feeling Chapter 59 Ocean and wave Chapter 92 Against the danger with courage
Chapter 12 Enlightenment is in your hand Chapter 60 You are already happy at “now & here” Chapter 93 Death is one process of circular motion
Chapter 13 Concentration on a point Chapter 61 Formless is feeling  
Chapter 14 Association is the root cause Chapter 62 Enlightenment Section (XIX) You are unknown to yourself
Chapter 15 “No self” = True love Chapter 63 How to go beyond duality Chapter 94 Man is born, lives and dies all alone
Chapter 16 Head & Heart  
Chapter 17 Love & Compassion Section (XII) Change to changeless Chapter 95 Silence = Blessing
  Chapter 64 Change and Changeless Chapter 96 Life is also dream
Section (III) Witness Chapter 65 “Real subject” and “False subject” Chapter 97 Terminal for life is to commit suicide
Chapter 18 Matter-oriented & Non-matter -oriented    
Chapter 19 Love & Lust Section (XIII) Real reality Section (XX) Transformation
Chapter 20 Gap between “false self” & “real self” Chapter 66 Reality & Dream Chapter 98 Now get into transformation!
Chapter 21 Method how to be free from pain Chapter 67 Like and dislike Chapter 99 Transformation is proof to live a life
Chapter 22 Identification Chapter 68 Phony light Chapter 100 Transformation for formless
Chapter 23 Dianetics Chapter 69 Male-type & Female-type Chapter 101 "Now & here" = with rapt attention
Chapter 24 Empty boat Chapter 70 Be aware Japanese! Chapter 102 Root cause of discrimination/unfair/wars
    Chapter 103 Image and Reality
Section (IV) Motion & Stillness Section (XIV) Sky = Empty  
Chapter 25 Stop & Stillness Chapter 71 How to focus the substance Section (XXI) More others than you
Chapter 26 Look as it is Chapter 72 Courageous guy & Coward guy Chapter 104 Revolutionary idea
Chapter 27 Meaning of desperateness Chapter 73 To take back our life Chapter 105 “I wish if only I were happy!” = “I wish if first others were happy!”
    Chapter 106 Guider for spiritual journey
Section (V) Intelligence & Feeling Section (XV) Darkness is real deal Chapter 107 Warrior & Soldier
Chapter 28 Ex-civilized society Chapter 74 “Real self” is in the world of darkness  
Chapter 29 Intelligence & Feeling Chapter 75 Matured darkness Section (XXII) Philosophy of zero
  Chapter 76 Concentration on a point Chapter 108 Sky and clouds
Section (VI) See & Sight   Chapter 109 Live in play
Chapter 30 Intelligence & Feeling Section (XVI) Surrender “false self” Chapter 110 “Real dichotomy” & “False dichotomy”
Chapter 31 Insight with total feeling Chapter 77 Identity of “false self” Chapter 111 Science is dead!
Chapter 32 First glimpse Chapter 78 Ego and money must be used Chapter 112 Philosophy of zero
Chapter 33 Look into the sky of serenity Chapter 79 Who is “I am”?
Chapter 34 Meaning to live a life Chapter 80 To live at “now & here” = To live with feeling
Chapter 35 Relative world & Absolute world Chapter 81 How to speak English natively?
Chapter 36 Vacant self  
Section (VII) ound (Feeling) to ideology (thinking)  
Chapter 37 Sound is source of idea  
Chapter 38 Sound of Silence  
Chapter 39 Visible is not sighted  
Chapter 40 Continuation is the key  
Chapter 41 Mankind has two kinds of life time  
Chapter 42 Mother tongue & Foreign language  
Chapter 43 World of darkness & silence  
Chapter 44 Awareness animal is human being  
Chapter 45 Sound of name  
Section (VIII) Partial view to Total feeling  
Chapter 46 A glance of total feeling  
Chapter 47 Sex revolution  
Chapter 48 Sex is not for man  
Chapter 49 Wind of tomorrow is blowing tomorrow  
Chapter 50 State of perfect freedom  

At the end (and at the beginning)

The second spiritual journey is ended.
This is indeed something like junior high school excursion.
There will be no memory left because of tourism yet.
The next journey will be something like high school excursion.
There will surely be memory left because of individual journey a little bit allowed to make choice in case of high school student.
The memory shall be more strengthened due to more individual journey.
It shall be complete individual journey in case of university excursion.
The freer you are the more responsibility you must have but the journey shall be more fun.
You have to face more practical journey when you become matured but it shall be more fun but more tension.
The journey shall be transformed into more practical looking forward to the future.
This is the hardest journey in life but shall be more fun by overcoming.
You will have to make such spiritual journey at least more than 7 times.
It is long journey.
Do not hurry but make as slow as you can.
Let me remind you that you are making action one by one among these 112 techniques.
Your spiritual journey shall surely be over someday.
Please be aware of the guide book of spiritual journey until then.

September 12 2011 Satoshi Nitta