At the beginning

The hottest country in the world is neither China nor Dubai but Singapore now.
Singapore was reported as No. one safety country in the world by the book “THE FINAL CRASH”.
I have read this book more than 10 times so far and still have been reading everyday and introducing at most with my monthly lecture.
It is surely the good book.
I have been feeling something doubtful point in the book which I was not certain since the first reading.
And now and here I have figure out why.
This is the reason why such a title was coming out and now I am writing soon or later.

March 3 2014 Junji Kimura

Chapter 1 The most contradictory point in the book
Chapter 2 Singapore is flowing against the nature
Chapter 3 Singapore is a den of vice
Chapter 4 Singapore is selling country by money
Chapter 5 Economic animal country
Chapter 6 Singapore is mammonism country
Chapter 7 Financial business is nothing but an illusionary business
Chapter 8 Money-oriented country shall be disappearing
Chapter 9 Singapore is aiming at the ultra widening gap society between rich and poor
Chapter 10 Software business is illusionary
Chapter 11 Sign for newly-born economy system
Chapter 12 Typical mass society
Chapter 13 Sleeping pig
Chapter 14 Who is a writer of "The Final Crash"?
Chapter 15 Carthage → Sun Dynasty → Holland → Japan → Singapores
Chapter 16 GDP is illusionary
Chapter 17 Consumerism economy to saving economy
Chapter 18 Economy at playing house
Chapter 19 Final Crash really means the final stage at the Cold War
Chapter 20 From debt hell into debt heaven
Chapter 21 Bank of Angel → Bank of Devil
Chapter 22 Inventor of financing
Chapter 23 Miser nation
Chapter 24 Gesellschaft = Discriminatory society
Chapter 25 Reason why rich = poor
Chapter 26 Power must be falling down
Chapter 27 Inheritance desire
Chapter 28 Singapore accepted the inheritance system
Chapter 29 After “The Thirty-year War”
Chapter 30 End of Western economy = consumerism economy
Chapter 31 Newly-born economy after the end of Western economy = consumerism economy
Chapter 32 Germany as No.1 of reality
Chapter 33 Germany as aloneness country
Chapter 34 Western Great Power is still alive?
Chapter 35 Western Europe shall be over
Chapter 36 Japanese has no diversity
Chapter 37 Meiji Restoration's true story
Chapter 38 Singapore is CIA's agent
Chapter 39 CIA made Japan as slave
Chapter 40 Singapore is also slavery country of USA
Chapter 41 World strategy of USA
Chapter 42 USA is self-contradictory
Chapter 43 Crazy scientific country is America
Chapter 44 Japan has been slave for America until now
Chapter 45 Japan is only one slavery country
Chapter 46 Why mafia never goes to disappear?
Chapter 47 Social justice = Antisocialism
Chapter 48 Identity of nation state
Chapter 49 Sign for the newly-born society
Chapter 50 Singapore & Japan

At the end

The Cold War was nothing but the story about the crash in between matter nation states and anti-matter nation states.
The Soviet Union which was the hero on the one side had disappeared by the collapse of wall of Berlin in 1989 but the United States of America which was the hero on the other side had not disappeared yet.
This is entirely the proof that,
The pair annihilation which is the absolute law of the universe has not been completed yet.
Now the pre-pair annihilation is going to happen between Singapore of the Plutocrat country and Japan of the Plutocrat country before the main drama of pair annihilation in between the Soviet Union and the United States of America is going to happen.
It is because Singapore and Japan after the Pacific War were born of the Cold War.

May 9 2014 Junji Kimura