Purge of god (recommendation of devil)
At the beginning

What is god?
It is the most popular understanding that god is beyond men.
Religion used to say that god created man as apotheosis.
Apotheosis is nothing but childish in the current modern society.
There are uncountable many gods in the universe if god is beyond man.
This is indeed the reason why,
God is nothing but omnipresent.
In other words,
God is nothing but the whole.
Religion has essentially exclusive character.
There must have never been religious war in the human society.
Monism of god is the essence of religion.
Religion must accept not only the concept of god but also the concept of devil.
How come must religion accept the concept of devil even though religion has believed in the existence of god as absolute?
The reason for this is that god is omnipresent.
In simply saying,
It is god because god is everywhere.
In other words,
It can become god because it is omnipresent.
There is no god in anywhere.

July 27 2010 Satoshi Nitta

Chapter 1 God & devil sit back to back with each other
Chapter 2 God is getting rid of human society
Chapter 3 No men believe in god
Chapter 4 Personality of god
Chapter 5 Religion is disappearing at the 21st century
Chapter 6 Religion (God) = Source of organization
Chapter 7 Meaning of religion (god)
Chapter 8 Real religion (god)
Chapter 9 Personal religion (god)
Chapter 10 Organized religion (god) is the cause of discrimination
Chapter 11 God (Founder) = ruler & Devotee = ruled
Chapter 12 Cause of mother’s murder is super widening gap society between rich and poor
Chapter 13 Essential relationship between mother & child
Chapter 14 Mother’s hallucination
Chapter 15 Mother as a god

At the end

The god who is omnipresent, is in everywhere is nowhere.
In simply saying,
Your god and my god shall never be the same god.
There seem to be your god.
There is my god.
This fact is absolute condition so that we can accept the words of religion.
This fact is absolute condition so that we can accept the words of god.
Unless we each one of human beings accept the fact as the truth,
We will never be freed from the bondage that,
Emperor, king, president, prime minister, president of corporation, parent, father and mother are synonymous for god (founder).
On the other hand,
People of nation, slave, public, staff of corporation and children are synonymous for devotees.
Unless the current modern society can accept the fact as the truth,
The tragedy that mother kills her child shall be more increasing.
This is indeed the fact that,
Unless we throw away the god supported by conventional religion,
Mankind shall be exterminated by cannibalism in final.
The key whether we shall be exterminated or not is that we can accept the devil which is substance and god is just absent concept of devil.
I have to point out that,
The words of “devil” is just forged words made by human being and the real meaning of “devil” is “essence” in the universe (the natural society = the earth).
That is why I wrote down “Recommendation of devil (essence)”.

August 10 2010 Satoshi Nitta