At the beginning

“Past” event which has already passed away is known.
“Future” event which has not yet come is unknown.
“Present” event which is really being is whether known or unknown?
This is neither known nor unknown but only one substantial.
Known is not only one as well as unknown is not only one but substantial is only one.
What is the only substantial one?
This is entirely the death.
We have been getting rid of such death in our whole life.
Is someone here to answer this question about death?
Let’s go over the death one by one.

September 17 2014 Junji Kimura

Chapter 1 Beginning of memory
Chapter 2 Oblivion makes misunderstanding about death
Chapter 3 Fear of disappearance = feeling of lack
Chapter 4 Feeling of lack is enemy for “Ego”
Chapter 5 Identity of ghost
Chapter 6 Information society rip away ghost’s mask
Chapter 7 Dead ghost
Chapter 8 Visible death & Invisible death
Chapter 9 Visible image & Invisible substance
Chapter 10 Two kinds of death’s blessings
Chapter 11 Life’s blessings = fear of death & Death’s blessing = fear of life
Chapter 12 To go beyond life and death
Chapter 13 To go beyond all
Chapter 14 World of dichotomy
Chapter 15 Life = Death & Life ≡ Death
Chapter 16 World of dichotomy = World to know death
Chapter 17 Dichotomy of self/others & monism of self
Chapter 18 Monism of self →Dichotomy of self/others→Trilism of self/others
Chapter 19 Aloneness →Antinomy→Complement→Beyond
Chapter 20 Dichotomy of antinomy against understanding of death
Chapter 21 Dichotomy of complementary for understanding of death
Chapter 22 Essence of death = To understand about truth
Chapter 23 Essence = Truth
Chapter 24 Dichotomy of materialism/spiritualism
Chapter 25 Theory of relativity & Quantum physics
Chapter 26 Theory which can go beyond the theory of relativity & Quantum physics
Chapter 27 To go beyond life/death = to understand about death
Chapter 28 Death is only possible to go beyond
Chapter 29 Understandable death
Chapter 30 Non-understandable life
Chapter 31 A life is almost non-understandable
Chapter 32 Only the last death is understandable
Chapter 33 Time’s trap
Chapter 34 Revolutionary aware
Chapter 35 A drama of replay

At the end

A life for our human adults who had known about the presence of death is nothing but the story recorded by videotape.
Unhappy is coming all of sudden for those who is feeling very happy even now as death is coming all of sudden as long as they believe in death as evil.
This is entirely the revolutionary awareness.
This is entirely the most serious misunderstanding that we hate to die.
The only sure thing in our whole life since we were born shall be the last death and all other things happening are accidental.
Why don’t we live a substantial life as we hate the only one sure thing?
To start to live a life in getting rid of death was surely the first mistake in our life.
Since then,
We human beings have lived a double misunderstandings life.
We human adults cannot live a life without anxious and agony, and finally fear of death like the naïve children and all the creations in the natural society.
It is not essential that we could have lived a life with anxious and agony, and finally fear of death.
Jesus Christ was reported to have said that,
“You will not enter the kingdom of god unless you are not getting into childhood”.
This sort of kingdom of god is nothing but the world without anxious and agony, and finally fear of death.
First of all,
We must be away from the tone deaf without awareness.

May 22 2015 Satoshi Nitta