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Renault and Natalie

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Division 1  Allegro (like a great river)


In a suburb distant from Paris, there is a family, that has been living for twenty years peacefully by the side of a lake surrounded by deep woods. There lives a brother and sister. Renault is twenty years old and Natalie is seventeen. Renault is an elder brother, but Natalie is more mature than Renault She treated him as a younger brother at all times. They seem completely in accord physically and neighbors looked at them almost as lovers. Her glamorous body attracted and dazzled Renault.



One fair day they tried to row a boat on the lake. Renault made a false move in error that threw Nathalie out of the boat. She screamed for his help desperately, because she could not swim. Renault tried desperately and hard to pull 

her back into the boat. When Renault hugged Natalie to his arms he was so fascinated and dazzled by her attractive body that it made him forget that they were brother and sister. Some sweet scent of her wet hair stimulated him when he looked down on the face of Natalie. He retained this memory his whole life. This was his first awareness of Natalie as a female. He was puzzled with his senses, but a shallow rouge flush warmed his heart Three months passed since this accident and it was a wintry October. Their father received a letter from his brother living at Rothenberg in Frankfurt, where he was making and selling ice-wine. He wrote their father to send someone bring back some fresh ice-wine. Renault thought he would like to do this with Natalie. He succeeded to inducing his father to let him make the journey with Natalie.

After they finished at junior school, they studied by themselves were educated by Renault's parents. They were brought up strictly. His father was born and brought up in an ancient business family in France. He tried to take over his own father's business. He went to the University of Paris to study business faculty and met Renault's mother who was also enrolled in the University. Before long they fell in love and swore to live together. Unexpectedly, Renault's grandfather disapproved of their plans to marry they no choice but to run away from home. It was twenty years ago that Renault's parents started to live together 300 miles from Paris.


They did not live in any luxury and brought up their children to love a simple life. Renault and Natalie were much loved by their parents and they realized this. This Family could never anticipate what an incredible incident would happen in the future and what dramatic changes the trip to Rothenberg would cause for both youngsters. Rothenberg was divided in the New Town and the Old Town. An old fortress town and very famous for its ancient surrounding wall over 3 miles in length. There were marvelous spy holes and lookout places every 200yards through them visitors could have an illusion watching for invaders that transcended hundreds of years. Renault's uncle was living here to make and sell an ice-wine to sightseers. His shop was in the Centre of the town. As they entered into the shop, their uncle recognized them and hugged Renault. A gentleman who was talking with uncle smiled at this scene and waited quietly.


This gentleman was Japanese and came far from Frankfurt to buy ice-wine. Renault and Natalie were just on the way back to Frankfurt notwithstanding the fact that their uncle and his wife had invited them to lunch. Renault planned take Natalie somewhere special in Frankfurt. In front of the bank of the flowing river Maine, there is a long five-storied old ranged building Renault told Natalie that this was the Jewish Museum. Natalie could not understand why Renault had brought her to such a place. They took a lift and went up to the third floor. In front of the lift door, there was copper plate on the wall inscribed with numerous names. When they were looking at the copper plate, someone talked to them from behind. It was the Japanese gentleman they had met earlier in Rothenberg.


Renault and Natalie were surprised to encounter him in such a place. They did not ever believe that this person would ever have a very special significance for them. Renault pointed out a name on the plate to Natalie The Japanese man was surprised to see that name. He invited them to go to the fifth floor, a special place where no guests were allowed. Renault had heard of this place and decided to follow him. There was a kind of laboratory there and many staff worked and studied there. The main job of that laboratory was to trace the people whose names were carved name on the copper plate. They were the victims of the Nazi genocide and some still alive. He went into the room and talked to a friendly lady who was pleased to see him and hugged him She was Jewish and very pleased to see Renault and Natalie when she heard from that Japanese that a certain name of that plate had something to do with them. She explained she hand a deep and long-term friendship with this Japanese since the Second World War. He had been associated with this Laboratory for a long time. Renault had a feeling of intimacy on hearing this. However, Natalie was puzzled as to what was going on.




 Division 1 Allegro (like a great river) Continue


Division 2 Adagio (Admonition in the peace of mind)

Division 3 Vivace (The peak of two melodies)


Division 4 Presto(Chorus among the Negatives) Continue below


Natalie disappeared. The army department staff found her letter in the apartment. The letter said that the young guy betrayed her. He had informed someone that Renault would be going to Tehran. The army department staff had heard that someone like Natalie had walked along the Santa Monica Beach. However, nobody found her. After Natalie disappeared, a woman's dress drifted ashore. Nobody knows if this was the dress that Natalie wore when she fell out of the boat and was hugged by Renault at the lake in front of the house seven years before.



[Renault and Natalie  -end-]

Satoshi Nitta


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